Angel Unaware-Mike Hamby



Day 21 Video


Seven years ago, I didn’t know-Judy Thomas


Seven years ago, I didn’t know.

I knew about Children’s Miracle Network, but I didn’t know about its presence in Columbus at what is now Midtown Medical.

I knew that most babies born in Columbus were born at the Medical Center, but I didn’t know about the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

I knew Scott Ressmeyer who, at the time was the chair of the Columbus Visitors Bureau board of directors, and I knew of his culinary skills, but I didn’t know of his heart.


I Love You Scott!!!-Brian Brock


Today started out wet and cold, ended HOT. Tim has been teaching us to find the gray zone on our bikes. It’s when you feel out of control but physics are at work. There were a few times today I did not find the gray zone, but I did find the brown zone. Water and curves don’t mix and a couple of times today there were curves that got my attention.


Ride- Mike Frank

mike f

Evie and Nick, proud parents of Savannah, now 2Lbs 14oz.

With all of the chaos that surrounds getting 22 bikers through each state in the lower 48, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of activity, but there are always certain things that reach out and grab your attention and re-focus you back to what is important.  The recurring theme that keeps appearing to me is family.  Columbus has embraced the Miracle Ride and everywhere we go, we tell the story and bring new people into the Miracle Ride family.