Day 3- Gary McDowell



Another great day.

Had 270 miles to make and got there within 10 minutes of our scheduled arrival.

Dr. Bob’s daffodil is up.

3 people that tie the Miracle Riders together ashes are in the same spot.

The rebuild going on in Joplin.

The pediatric ward of the CMN hospital in Joplin with no patients.  Truly a blessing.

A great welcome for us at the convention center.

Great accommodations provided by Pete Hall and his staff.

To see a CMN child, scheduled for open heart surgery, dance her heart out with 22 Miracle Riders.


Day 3-Gary McDowell


WOW Day 2

What another great day!

Great weather.

Great route.

Great food.

We are blessed.

But what about the children and their parents we ride for? Not  everything is so great for them. What would it be like wondering if your child would live to ride a motorcycle or even see tomorrow? I could not even begin to imagine. That’s why I ride with these guys. Hopefully to make a change in one child’s life. To spare them another day, another week, or maybe another hour to be with the ones that love them the most. We can use your help. THEY can use your help!


Day 1- Gary McDowell



What words do you use to explain Miracle Friday?

So many great people there for our send off.

Such a great message.

Such a great weather day.

Such a great ride.

So my job is to WOW everyone while we are gone with great videos, pictures, and blogs. I’ll never meet the WOW of Miracle Friday but I’ll give it my best shot.



Welcome Home (Gary McDowell)



Day 17 (Gary McDowell)

camera man

Today we made our last turn from the northeast on the run home.  Maine is normally a beautiful state but clouds, rain, and cooler temps hid it’s beauty.  But a stop at the Clam Box with good company and a good hot meal made everything better. So 5 days and we will be home. Except for missing my wife and family it does not seem like we have been on the road 2 weeks. I think being with this family has a lot to do with that. I mean who else do you know takes advantage of being stuck on the interstate to tell the word about Children’s Miracle Network? What other group of people can get 40 strangers in a restaurant early Sunday morning to sing happy birthday on camera to one of our riders mother? These guys are truly an amazing FAMILY! Watch and pray for us as we finish the most dangerous leg of our journey and I want to see everyone downtown Friday night.