Last Day – Mike Jolley


Well here it is the last day. We got into Greenville, SC yesterday after a great sunny day of riding. To tell the truth yesterday was one of the best riding days in the last couple of weeks. We stopped along side the road and met a nice lady (of which I don’t remember her name but Steve T. knows) and got a donation. After which we just keep on riding. You could tell it was a different kind of a day cause Scott could not find a “local” place to eat so we stopped at a Micky D’s. First time that I can remember in five years on the ride we have ever stopped at a fast food joint. Oh well we made up for it at supper in Greenville. Scott took us to a place that specialized in wild game. I had buffalo flank steak. We all tried a little of everything from duck – buffalo – ostrich – kangaroo – alligator and a few other thing I can not spell.


Day 16 (I believe) – Mike Jolley


Jolley's girls

Milwaukee, WI to Holland, OH (360 miles +\-) all interstate for a group of five today. Five of us left this morning at 7:00 which was one hour earlier that the main group so we could do a HD service in South Bend, Indiana. This was a great HD dealership. Service was great, fast and cheap. The ladies up front were friendly to this group of old Georgia bikers. They even made a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network. Karon L.; Crystal D.; Lynndy B. And Summer K. all pitched in and made a donation. Thanks ladies! We had a great time. 


Day 15 – Mike Jolley


jolley making friends


Rapid City, SD. to Sioux City, NE- Mike Jolley


We started the day with a visit to a Children’s Miracle Network hospital in Rapid City which was the second time I had visited this hospital. The staff was still just as friendly and great as last year.  The children I got to see make the trip worthwhile.  One 7 year old boy with a broken leg smiled and one little boy going to surgery really seemed to like the small badge he got from us.  No question about it this is one of my favorite hospital stops.


Day 11 and Day 12- Mike Jolley


After six years odds caught up with the Miracle Rider’s and an accident took place.  We thank GOD it was one that our brother rider will have a 100% recovery from.  When I saw the dirt fly up on the road in front and heard Ronnie start yelling bike down I started praying.  God answered our prayers and he was able to call out to us.  In true Miracle Rider form while Mike C. was laying on his back getting his chaps cut off he said, “I know the drinks are on me tonight cause I dropped my bike.” We all laughed including Mike.  At that point I knew he was really OK.  You see we have a rule on the road.  The rider that drops his bike buys the first drink of the evening: coke – coffee – hot chocolate – etc.