That’s Why I Ride (Scott)

Scott and Martin

I have a hard time putting my thoughts on paper on a normal day, but to try to sum up the ride in one last post is about damn near impossible. I’m not sure how to put on paper what it’s like to spend twenty one days with eleven other guys.


Day 18 (Scott)


What happened! I went a whole day without a wrong turn,I think. On top of that we were off the bikes by 2 PM. I’m sure all that will change on Tuesday¬†as we try to Navigate thru New York City and if we get thru that we have DC to look forward to.


Day 17 (Scott)

Maine Hotel

Made the big turn toward the south today (after about a few wrong turns and a few detours). Now we all can say we went to the Hampton’s for the weekend. Cold and wet is to sum up today’s ride. I guess it is only fitting to feel like a New England fisherman before we stop at the Clam Box for dinner. This has become a tradition for the guys on the trip, they start talking about it as soon as we leave Columbus. This will be the first night we actually spend the night in Ipswich. It’s a good thing. I’m sure we all ate to much again and going to sleep is not a good thing when you are riding down the road. For Larry and myself it is a little extra special cause we get to spend time with our wife’s in-laws. Now I won’t be in trouble with sharky. I didn’t eat and run.


Day 16 (Scott)


Meeting strangers in the middle interstate. Yesterday’s blog in action. We only had been on the road for about 45 miles on a three lane toll road, and we come to a dead stop. Cars stopped for miles. It did not take long for the guys to spring into action, well maybe this time it was the other way around. Well, maybe it was the other way around, they came to us… more like they swarmed on us. The guys were passing out cards, the little hands and feet, or any thing we had to tell the story. We had little kids sitting on our bikes. We even had some bring their own bikes out to put them line with us. We visited for over an hour and by the end of the stop we had lots of new friends and over hundred dollars.


Day 15 (Scott)

grainger 2