Final Ride-Scott

Martin, Scott, Claire


Day 19-Scott Ressmeyer


Getting close to the end. I’m in DC tonight, it’s late and ten of us are just coming in for the night. I’m sure a lot of you will think that we were all out going from one beer stop to the next, not tonight.


Day 17-Scott Ressmeyer


Yes it’s been a couple of days since my last post. The last few days have been some long ones with about 500 miles each day. We have been in the saddle from about sunup to sundown. A lot has happened in the last two days. Wish I could remember it all. I’m starting to forget even what room I’m suppose to go to each night after dinner, they all start running together. It was a big Suprise running into Will White and his family from Columbus in South Bend Indiana, they were up for one of their daughters graduation from Notre Dane. We were all eating at the same restaurant. When Will walked in he noticed a bunch of bikes with logos on them from Columbus. We all did a group photo with all the guys and his graduate. I’m sure it was rough for her to stand around a bunch guys that had 16 days of road grime on them. Thanks for buying our lunch Will.


Day 15- Scott Ressmeyer


Ok so Sioux City St. Luke’s Children’s Miracle Network hospital has to go down as one of the best hospital visits ever. Not only did we get to see lots of kids and interact with them, our tour guides for the visit were Braden And Florie. Thanks Anne for making this such a special stop. Even though we may be miles apart our hearts will always be connected. For me this is the greatest thing that has come from the ride. The relationships that have been formed. It goes to show that when a few people get together with a common cause great things can be accomplished. You can feel this when you visit St. Luke’s. They give from the heart. Thanks for making it a great visit.


Cooper- Scott Ressmeyer