Back In The Saddle- Pat Carpenter


It was great to rejoin the group last night.  I really need to thank Mark Alexander for taking the time to fly out and take my place for a few days.


The Flight Home-Pat Carpenter

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It was a tough morning getting up and leaving all of my brothers either asleep or looking for breakfast.  I started the 4 ½ hour journey to Las Vegas from Winslow AZ.  The morning was cool but not bad as I rode out.  I didn’t realize that the ride through Flagstaff would take me into some upper elevations in AZ.  Needless to say I was looking for something warm to put on before long but by the time I got to Las Vegas I was trying to pull it off because it was so warm.


Durango to Winslow-Pat Carpenter


We started out this morning is a slight drizzle but it turned into a beautiful day.  We got to Four Corners before lunch and had a nice visit there until the local tribe figured we were spreading some remains from our departed brother there.  It seems they didn’t take to us doing that to the point that we were all setup to watch the SWAT teams roll in.  We stopped right outside the place for gas and a quick snack.  I think the locals sprinkled something on me at Four Corners.  It was either that or the jerky was bad but all is well after a few Tums and an adult beverage or two.


Road to Durango-Pat Carpenter



My Life Has Been Forever Changed (Pat Carpenter)

The 4th of May of this year 14 riders headed west from Columbus, Georgia and they had 4 tag along riders. This year it was a privilege that 4 of us previous riders were able to spend the 1st few days with the guys out on the road. We rode with the guys out to Amarillo, Texas. That had us riding the states of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. We also picked up Tennessee on the way home. Now what we cannot even be compared to what the 14 riders did. To get on your motorcycle and ride 21 straight days riding on average of 450 miles per day is an undertaking that most folks could not do. If anyone thinks these guys were on a vacation, let me assure you that they were not.