Final Video!


That’s Why I Ride (Scott)

Scott and Martin

I have a hard time putting my thoughts on paper on a normal day, but to try to sum up the ride in one last post is about damn near impossible. I’m not sure how to put on paper what it’s like to spend twenty one days with eleven other guys.


What it’s all about (Mike Langford)

mike and martin

To end as I started, who would have thought back in November of 2009 when I was asked if I wanted to go on a little ride that it would be four years long and now almost 40,000 miles long? Not me!

I thought back then that this would be something if we could pull it off. The first time with 11 guys going 10,000 miles just didn’t seen like it could really be done. I knew that we would have all kinds of problems, maybe even a serious one. We made it in 2010 and now we have done it 3 more times without serious problems. Is there an unseen Miracle Rider watching over us?


Thank you (Brad Hansen)

mayor talking to crowd

I told Scott a few days before the ride was over that this was my best ride of the three I have completed. I can’t put my finger on just one or two things that made it different. It was a fantastic ride from start to finish. We had a great bunch of guys. We met great people across this country, we saw beautiful country and we had a mixture of good and bad weather. When we return from our trip we always get the question, “are you going to do it again?” The previous years’ answer has been “ask me again in a few months.” This year my answer is you bet I am going next year.


What a great ride! (Mike Jolley)