Day 17-Billy Edmundson


Well it was bound to happen the gear shifter boggie man came calling today.  Two riders had shifting issues, but was repaired…. well kinda. One had to fix it at least twice. 20 miles from the hotel as I shift into second gear the shifter was laying on the floor board, not good. 3 other riders pulled off to the side with me and I noticed the swivel joint had broken, well that’s what cable ties are made for. After 5 minutes back on the road.  Will need a HD shop soon will keep readers updated.


Day 16- Billy Edmundson


Another long day 450 miles. After leaving the hotel it was not long before we hit heavy rain so on went the suits. We did this twice today could have done it a third time but we were tired of on and off so we got wet!!!!

We picked up a donation at a HD shop arranged by Steve Tennet and while there I picked up my new head and spot light. Thanks Tim for the help, nothing worse than riding all day then having to repair the bike at the hotel while all the riders are enjoying the moment of the end of the day. Great day With friends, love it


DAY 15- Billy Edmundson


Yesterday was the sand and rock day as I call it. On the way to meet up with Cooper for lunch the roads we traveled were loaded with sand and small rocks. I’m guessing this was left over from the pass winter or the last snow just last week. When we would take a gas stop the seat had at least a pound of small pebbles on the seat. At the end of the day I felt old, I had raw skin on my face and in my eyes. Even with a face shield the sand got everywhere.


Day 5-Billy Edmundson


Well what can be said about today but wet and cold. today this ride tested all the riders driving skills, from wet and windy roads to tight turns, rocks falling from the cliffs, and yes even a riders helmet being blown off.


Day 3 – Billy Edmundson


Sorry for being late for my first blog, but the first 2 days have flown by. It’s just a pleasure being associated with incredible men. Today was Joplin what a great city the response is great thanks to Pete Hall for making us welcome