Hope- David McNeil


With a natural love for kids James & Christy Stephens volunteered to work with children and youth within their church for the majority of their married lives. After 25 years of marriage doors finally opened for the couple to extend that love in a more permanent capacity. Through piles of paperwork and hours of training a perfect match was found with a sibling group of three who needed a forever home, creating their new family of five.  Children all over face difficulties and loss each and every day of their young lives through sickness or abuse. Anyone can make a difference that will be long lasting and life changing, whether by giving of time, money or by giving the gift of a lifetime of hope with a fresh start. The Miracle Riders help to offer that hope…


Day 2- David McNeil


What can I say but, praise God for a second day on the road and everyone is safe and sound. What an amazing send off! Thank you for coming to Midtown Medical Center yesterday for the final send off. How bittersweet this is but the Miracle Riders won’t go away. This is a brotherhood for the betterment of babies and that’s all we will ever be.



Bumps in the road just melting away- David McNeil

NICU heart

When we returned home and we were invited to come onto the stage Cason (CJ) greeted me, put this around my neck and said “thank you for riding for me”. This made every bump in the road that beat the heck out of us just melt away.


Day 8- David McNeil



Day 4- David McNeil


What an incredible four days!!! The send off was amazing and the time spent on the road telling the story of CMN every chance we get is just a blessing. The people we meet are just a amazed at what we are doing and always offer their well wishes. Just to be a part of this is such an honor and humbling experience and it is only day four. As Debralyn and I were walking into the hospital yesterday morning a young couple and one of their parents stopped us and asked how far we were riding and they couldn’t believe my answer. It turns out they have a four day old baby there that was transported from Newnan, Ga. so it could get the care it needs. I thought… Wow they were so close to Atlanta and their pediatrician chose Midtown Medical Center over all the locations in Atlanta. Kinda tells you what great things are going on there, huh? Well tomorrow will afford us more opportunities to help babies.