The Long and Winding Road-Mike Hamby

mike h

One of my favorite Beatles songs is The Long and Winding Road, its a melancholy song. Today we ride in, and aside from being excited about reuniting with loved ones , there is an anxious feeling about the ride because there is no “next year”. Oh, there are ideas being tossed around about a ride to somewhere next year. But it can never be or compete with Scott’s Ride. It has been and will forever remain a unique experience. It is an experience i will treasure the memories for the rest of my life. I have made lifelong friends with men, that otherwise i would have never met. I am not by nature the kind of guy who would leave my “comfort zone”, on my own, and venture out like this. And so thank you Scott for drawing me to the “deeper waters”.


Angel Unaware-Mike Hamby



May 16th Bitter Sweet-Mike Hamby


Yesterday was a day of deep reflection for me. On May 16, 2001 my Father passed away. He was not ill and it was totally unexpected. He passed on a Wed morning about 3:30 AM. Tuesday afternoon as he left the lot around 4PM he came out to the shop where my best friend Reggie Benford and I were working in the shop, and said to us, see you guys in the morning. Well, my Dad always took Weds off, Reggie said, “no Mr H tomorrow is wed”. I said that’s right, night Pops. He laughed and walked off. I never had another chance to speak to him. My Father was a kind and generous man. He Loved his Family and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for us. I miss him everyday and I know he is smiling down on us everyday. I also know he approves of what I am doing to help kids. He Loved his Grand children very much. One of the last pics we have of him, he is holding Shay (my 16 yr old son) up, and the smile on Pops face says it all. I Love you Pops.


Day 15- Mike Hamby


Whew! Is this Scott’s Ride or the Cannonball Run. Yesterday after a great hospital visit at St Luke’s in Souix City, Io, we still had almost 600 miles of road to burn. But we did it, got in a bit late and all is well. Im always amazed at how the landscape changes from one day to the next . Once we turned back to the east through Washington, Idaho and Montana, the majestic mountains slowly gave way to the rolling hill country of S Dakota, to the grassey plains of Nebraska. The immense beauty and vastness of this great land of ours is breath taking. It inspires me to do what i do, give back what i can so the next generation can take the touch of freedom to do their part. KSU 8AM. Got to go Do your part for the kids today.


Brothers in Service-Mike Hamby


When you sign up to ride with Scott there are 2 things you need to understand. 1- You’re all in or not at all And 2- Its all about the ride and not the destination. Being a Miracle Rider gives me the ability to give back to do something bigger than myself, which is something i think everyone should feel an obligation to do. Max Lucado wrote a book entitled, Its not about me. Service, get out of your comfort zone, do something that doesn’t benefit you! I’m reminded of theĀ  Bible story where Jesus washed the feet of his deciples as an example of Christian Service. If everyone would serve one… Day 14 wow, the days are clicking off so fast. It’s off to Souix City, IA Have a Blessed day.