Sodona Sunrise-Mike Hamby

Mike Hamby

Most men, me included, are inclined to be destination oriented. But when you ride with Scott its all about the journey. This morning a bunch of us were out front of Cliff Dwellers watching the sunrise. And it was so beautiful. The way the first light tickled the few clouds drifting by and danced on the tops of the mountains in the distance. Then almost all at once it the sun exploded with her first rays. I have to admit this is the first time i actually got out of bed to witness a sunrise. So today do yourself a favor get out of your comfort zone do something you have never done before, do something of no benefit to yourself. Click on the donate tab and help some kids. I promise you will feel like a new person!


Day 5- Mike Hamby


Monday evening, going into Guymon,  Martin parted the rain clouds and got us into Guymon high and dry. Today not so lucky; the rain started when we left at 8AM and continued all day with times of sleet and we actually had it snow on us. Of course we started with hopes high that Martin would make a way. Instead i think thru diversity and a challenge Martin showed us just a tiny taste of what he went thru during his fight. Difficult situations makes the strong stronger. Todays ride seperated the men from the boys. The rain, the cold , the slick high country mountain roads, And i am happy to report there are 22 Men that made the ride today. And i can speak for all of my Miracle Rider Brothers, if we have to do it all again today, as long as there are Martins out there, bring it on!


Joplin-Mike Hamby



Day 1-Mike Hamby


Miracle Friday.

Yes it was. I’m not sure but of all the years we have ridden out I can’t remember a more beautiful day. Not just the clear skies, not just the temperature, But the Spirit of Love that permeated the event. I felt it!

Like Scott says, the hearts most touched were ours.

Yesterday someone else’s hearts’ were touched. Yesterday my Family was there, my Beautiful Mom, my Beautiful Wife, My Beautiful daughters Michaela and Sophie and my incredibly handsome Son Shay (looks just like me). This is the first time since 2010 that they were all there.


We Are All Changed For the Better (Mike Hamby)

Hi Scott and all the 13 “Wild and Crazy Guys”, with you. They say practice makes perfect, and after 4 years on the road, looks like this year may have been the best yet. Year after year you go out and do what you do for the KIDS. And manage to shake things up as you go. It goes without saying NYC will never be the same, and neither will we. CMN at The Medical Center is the best, and to be part of such an Honorable Endeavour while doing something we love, well, what can I say, we are all changed for the better.