The last words on 2010

Be sure to check out the final Riders Road from Mike Langford.  Thanks for adding this new feature this year – everyone loved it!  Also, new photos are loaded from Friday night.

Scott’s last blog..

Today will be a week since we have gotten home. I still don’t think I have come down from the high that I got from the ride. To be able to do something that you love and also to be able to help make a difference in someone’s life all at the same time, it does not get much better then that. I often think back on how much different my life would have been if it was not for Jim and Country’s. Sure, I got the wanting to help people genes from my Dad and Mom and they nurtured that through my young life, but Country’s is what has enable me to be able to do all the things that I have had the privilege to do. Jim is the one who set the standards of giving back to the community and taking care of the people who have taken care of us all these years. It is also all the great employees that give of their time and hard work that enable us to try and give back as much as we receive. Without them, there would never have been a Miracle Ride. From the start, I don’t think anyone had any idea that the ride would go in the direction that it has. I guess that just goes to show that it’s best to follow your heart and not the GPS.