Here We Go Again

DAY: MD + 6 weeks





Well, here we are again. Getting ready to go riding around the country trying to raise awareness and money for THE CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK. We made the goal set by the CMN last year, but we missed the rider’s goal by “Just that much.” So we decided that we would give it another shot. We have most of the same crew from last year. Larry, Brice, and Tim could not be with us physically, but they are here.


2011 Kick Off

In little over a month, 13 guys and myself will leave Columbus, Georgia on an incredible adventure. This will be my third opportunity to get to experience the 48 states on a motorcycle. For seven of them, this will be their second trip and the other six; well, all that I can say is that I hope they realize what they are getting their selves into! Yes it’s that time for us miracle riders to hit the road. The 15th of February was the deadline for who was taking the journey this year. Now all the planning has started, you know all the important stuff like just how do you pack 21 pair of underwear in a saddle bag or better yet, having to think about what do to do with the dirty ones!! We also have had several hours of having our pictures taken and then hours of video shot. It’s hard to make a group like us look good.