The Ride Home


Why I Ride – James Cole

 James and Martin

Often times I’ve been asked, whats it’s like to ride on a motorcycle 9000 plus miles in 21 days.  Other than seeing highways and byways, farm land and deserts, quaint little towns, switch-back roads up snowcap mountains, following winding roads along snowmelt rivers, seeing corn and wheat fields forever and not to mention the interesting people you meet……….It’s just a normal ride.      And riding with a bunch of like minded guys doesn’t  hurt either.  Also the high light of the ride is that we visit a few hospitals that are linked with Childrens Miricle Network .  A tour through these neo-natal wards will change your life forever.  Take a close look at these little  guys and you see a miricle right before your very eyes . We see pictures on the wall of some where they have graduated from their giraffe bed to their own bed.


Home- Scott Ressmeyer

Scott and Sunset


Another incredible homecoming!!! I’m not sure if it’s the stop in Macon at the Harley Shop with all the bikes from Columbus, then the escorted ride from the Harris County deputies or new for this year the stop at Covenant Woods Retirement Community. Maybe it’s the ride on the Riverwalk with the sun setting over the river and being able to share that with Jeff riding along with me. Then you pull on to Broadway and greeted by the best folks in the world. As you can imagine the whole day is nothing but a whirlwind.


Final Video and Grand total!



Day 21 – Scott Ressmeyer


In a few short hours, we will be home. I have been at a loss for words these past few days. I’m not sure why. Every year I think this has been the best of all the trips, but in truth they have all been remarkable. Sure we have seen a lot of the best our country has to offer, in its landscape and the people that live here, but that is not what makes this adventure so special. The brother hood of the past 31 riders is what makes this a trip of a life time. We hit the 48th state yesterday at 4:17. In my mirror I could see all the guy pumping their fist as we rolled across the state line. 300 miles today and another year will be in the book.