Day 20 – May 26, 2010

Miracle Riders were in late last night and up early this morning trying to make their hospital visit on time in Charlotte, NC this afternoon.   Below is today’s Riders Road by Mike Langford.

Don’t forget about the Miracle Rider Homecoming Concert in Uptown Columbus tomorrow night beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Broadway.  DNR will be playing and they are a fantastic band.  Also, all bikers are invited to ride in with the Miracle Riders on the Riverwalk.  Registration information is found at the Homecoming link on the right.  See you all there!



 Day 20…. Huntington, WV

480 Miles (9,069 total)             

44 States down

Today for lunch we had black-eyed peas, butterbeans, collards, fried chicken and other assorted goodies at Golden Corral. Washed it all down with sweet tea! Yea – we are finally out of Yankee land.

Today was a perfect day to ride. Blue sky, nice temp and the mountain roads of both Virginia and West, by God, Virginia. The route took us over some mountain roads with the usual twists and turns and every so often we would find a piece of 4 lane with long sweepers that were perfect. It is just awesome riding in this part of the country.

Stopped at the Harley dealer in Winchester to do a local TV news thing and to meet James Cole’s sister and her husband. Decided to go ahead and get new tires while I had the time, I’m ready now for the final few miles. Flash got a new rattle this morning and he let them check his over.

James’ sister is a very nice lady and her husband bought lunch for everyone. He also rode with us for couple of hours back toward Huntington. And they actually do look like brother and sister. She obviously got all the nice in the family. And the folks at the dealership were super nice to everyone.

After lunch we do some more turns and twists and then got on the interstate with the great road and long up and down hill sweepers. What great riding and another day of beautiful scenery. Tomorrow we go thru TN and KY on the way to Charlotte for hospital visit at 3:45 p.m. {Editors note: The correct time is 3:00 p.m., hope they make it!}  Then on Friday we do the radio with BOB & SHERI and start the final run for home.

It’s late and the bed is calling so I will try to wrap all this up tomorrow night.


PS………..If you run with squirrels you will eventually get your ______ crushed.    – Burger Boy

Day 10 - Winchester Harley Davidson

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  1. Grif says:

    Congratulations and happy homecoming to Scott and the rest of the riders! Its an amazing thing that has been done Scott. You took a personal adventure to celebrate a birthday, found a way to share it with others and give them a chance to celebrate birthdays too.


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