2011 Kick Off

In little over a month, 13 guys and myself will leave Columbus, Georgia on an incredible adventure. This will be my third opportunity to get to experience the 48 states on a motorcycle. For seven of them, this will be their second trip and the other six; well, all that I can say is that I hope they realize what they are getting their selves into! Yes it’s that time for us miracle riders to hit the road. The 15th of February was the deadline for who was taking the journey this year. Now all the planning has started, you know all the important stuff like just how do you pack 21 pair of underwear in a saddle bag or better yet, having to think about what do to do with the dirty ones!! We also have had several hours of having our pictures taken and then hours of video shot. It’s hard to make a group like us look good.

After the first year’s ride, I would have never thought that I would be planning for a third year trip but support from the community and the desire of the riders to make the journey has been so great. Then you add the benefit and the awareness that it brings to Children’s Miracle Network, it simply makes it something that changes your life forever. Over the past two years, the miracle riders have been able to raise $150,000.00 in donations for CMN that stays right here in our community to help our kids. I have no idea how many years this ride could possibly keep going. I know as each year goes by, one thing is for sure– we are all getting older and might not be able to do this twenty years from now. Well ok, most of us won’t be able to, I’m sure James Cole will still be up to the task. I have had a lot of thoughts about at what point the ride should stop. After talking with the girls at Columbus Regional and last year’s riders, I think we have come up with a good plan. We have set a goal of raising a million dollars. Once we reach that goal, the ride will come to an end. I sure hope it does not take twenty years, cause I don’t think my bike can last that long.

I would like to invite all of you to follow us on this blog as we make our way across the lower 48 states in 21 days starting May 6th at 12:00 p.m. I’m sure you will have lots of laughs at all the things we get ourselves into. We also promise to send many photos of amazing country we live in!

See you on the road


4 Responses to 2011 Kick Off

  1. Melissa says:

    An inspiration indeed! Have a safe ride!

  2. Scott Franklin says:

    Miracle Riders,
    I think what you are doing for the community is wonderful. As a fellow biker, I wish you all safe travels and good weather for the monumental journey you are undertaking. I know God’s grace will be with each of you. When the road starts to wear on your backside, just remember, the pain you are feeling will one day save a family or many families from feeling the pain of losing a child because the NICU ward will have what it needs to save them. Your efforts will not be for nothing and the memories will last a lifetime. Send lots of pictures and we’ll see you when you get back. May God bless you all.

  3. Jennifer Joyner says:

    You guys are such an inspiration! I can’t wait to read about your daily travels and all the fun you are having. And I can’t wait to read about all the children you have met on the way. You all mean so much to this community and to the families that have been affected by Children’s Miracle Network at The Medical Center! Thanks for what you are doing and stay safe!

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