Here We Go Again

DAY: MD + 6 weeks





Well, here we are again. Getting ready to go riding around the country trying to raise awareness and money for THE CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK. We made the goal set by the CMN last year, but we missed the rider’s goal by “Just that much.” So we decided that we would give it another shot. We have most of the same crew from last year. Larry, Brice, and Tim could not be with us physically, but they are here.

Got some new guys! Since we were all newbies last year we had to pick on each other, this year we have 6 rookies to pick on. It’s going to be fun!! Kevin Simms, Brad Hansen, Hank Lewis, Pat Carpenter, Gary McDowell, and Vernon Griggs. You will hear much more about them before it’s all over.

We have been doing the picture and video thing again this year (and we have not gotten any prettier than last year), we have done a little safety check-out ride, we went to the kick off lunch, and been to 3-4 rider meetings. Now 6 weeks away we start thinking about getting bikes ready, packing, and hitting the TV and radio stations so you can see our smiling faces or hear our beautiful voices at O Dark 30 in the morning.

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Got a few new things planned for this year. The biggest of the new things is the Birthday Party for Scott. We will have two parties going at the same time, one here in Columbus, and one in York Harbor Maine. We will use SKYPE to broadcast back and forth so we can see and talk to ya’ll and you can do the same with us. Keep May 21st open and plan to be at Country’s at Main Street about 5 in the afternoon. You’ll hear more about it, but I can tell you the OFFICIAL SCOTT BOBBLE HEAD will be available that day!

We will again visit a CMN hospital or two or three. Still working out the details of where and when.

I told you last year you would have to put up with us till we reach our goal, so either make the check out to the Children’s Miracle Network or be prepared for more. Seriously, the little ones need everyone’s help, please do whatever you can.


5 Responses to Here We Go Again

  1. Brad Hansen says:

    Only 3 weeks until we leave on our journey. I am one of the “newbies”. I will be riding a 2005 Heritage Classic Softail. I am so excited about this. You remember the days when you were a child and Christmas was only 3 weeks away. Seemed like an eternity for the day to get here. A friend at work said yesterday, “the next 3 weeks for you are going to be very slow”. Yes, that may be, but the activities leading up to the actual ride have been fun. We have had photo shoots, a press conference, a check ride and a get together with old and new friends. Getting to know these guys has been great. I am looking forward to strengthening these friendships during the 21 day ride. Kevin Simms (also a newbie) will be my roommate. I hope he can sleep through my snoring. I have been told I snore but I have never heard it so who am I to believe.

    I also got to visit the Children’s center for my first time. The technology that is available is amazing. And there is much more to be had. All it takes is a few dollar donation from everyone and we can make a difference. The children is what this is all about and I am fortunate to be a part this year.

    Thanks, Brad Hansen

  2. Gary McDowell says:

    Here we are. One month to go. New tire going on today and the rest of the week going over the bike to make sure we will make the trip. It may not be the oldest but I think i have more miles on it than anyone else. I’m not sure what all this rookie stuff is but you can bet we are ready to ride. We are just looking for more contributions so get them rolling.

  3. Ralph Kingrey says:

    The Miracle Ride of 2010 ended on May 28 2010 and May 29, 2010 was the first day that I started considering how I could do the ride for May 2011. I have spent my time since then trying to figure how we could best help the Childrens Miracle network and make this years ride even better than last years and raise more than 100,000.00. Many ideas have been tossed around and discussed among the riders and we have hope that some of the new things being presented will make this years ride result in a much larger contribution to the needy children being treated by the Columbus Regional Hospital.
    In a little more than four weeks, our group will set out on this motorcycle adventure across the nation to have a lot of fun, enjoy the country, get away from the everyday stress that is usually is associated with working class people, all of this bunch fits that category, and most importantly, we want to spread the word throughout Columbus as well as the rest of the country, that each of us have been given the opportunity to witness first hand just how great of a need there is for The Childrens Miracle Network and all of the great things that they do for the children of our region.
    I am sure that if you keep watch over this bunch through the different medias, you will be entertained as this bunch is loaded with a cast of characters that know how to have fun on such an adventure. keep in mind, you can only believe half of what you see in videos and pictures and almost nothing that you are told. I have been charged by Scott to keep it light, so fellow riders be advised, the light will be most likely be shining on you when you least expect it, and sometimes it ain’t prettyyyyyyy……..
    For those interested, the sidewalk has been widened at Cole Curve,named in honor of our hero James Cole, and this year he should be able to maneuver his bike through that area without incident. Last years incident will provide the first nights refreshment courtesy of Mr. Cole, he thought we forgot….the light forgets nothing. Can’t wait to start, see you on the road, lets get the checks rolling…..

    Thanks, Ralph Kingrey

  4. Pat Carpenter says:

    Well is just a little more than 5 weeks we will be heading out on this incredible journey for the kids. I wanted to be a part of this last year but was unable to so you can imagine that I am more than just a little excited to be going this year. I have had a lot of friends say your going to have a blast on this ride and I am sure we will but the biggest thing is raising money to support the Children’s Miracle Network. If you could walk in the shoes of a parent or grand parent who’s little one is clinging to life in the NICU you would understand the importance of what we are doing. Much of the money we raise goes to buy some of the life saving equipment that is needed for these children. You just can’t use the same equipment to adults or even normal children that you need for these little babies and they are counting on us to be there for them. So I am asking you all to be part of this years ride by making a difference. Join me and the other 13 riders on our journey by reaching into your heart and make a contribution. I am counting on each of you this year!
    Pat Carpenter

  5. Angela says:

    I would just like to say I think this is a wonderful way to help the children hospitals. My daughter was born at Columbus Regional and they helped her in her first hours… have a safe run and I give all the support I can.

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