Here We Go Again (Jolley Edition)

Well here we go again! This 2011 Scott’s Ride for Miracles for Children’s Miracle Network is looking to be a great one. To be honest after a few weeks of being back home with my wife and family, making sure the Office was running great & giving my poor old butt a short rest, I was ready for the open road again. And once I was given the oppurtunity to visit the local Columbus Medical Center’s children center again my mortivation to help has been renewed. I don’t believe anyone could visit the childrens center and not get involved.

 This year we have lost three of our 2010 Riders. They will be missed; however, we have gained six new riders for 2011. I am looking forward to building a relationship with each of them during our 21 days on the road. We have already started picking our “roommates” for the ride and since Ralph K. and I already know each other’s habits we will be roommates again. We have promised to keep each other out of trouble. Should not be too hard since we are the two calm ones of the group.

 I will be riding the same 2006 Ultra Classic, Peace Officers Special, H/D. Another 10000 miles give or take will do “her” great. I look forward to the up coming ride and doing this “blog stuff”. Of course, the reason for this entire thing is for the kids. Search your heart and make a donation.

 Stay safe and keep in touch.

-Sheriff Mike Jolley

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  1. Ralph Kingrey says:

    Mr. Jolley, you are so correct, the excitement has reached a fever pitch at my home. I am so ready. I have shined my red boots so many times, they are now pink, well not really, but rest assured, as much as you guys dislike my red boots, they will once again be my uniform of choice.
    Changing bikes this year and that is taking some getting accustomed to. My old bike and me were close, I could think something and the bike would just react, great fit. New bike , well not same relationship yet. There is some training needed here, this bike thinks I’m the one that needs the training, can’t imagine me, a trainee. All will work out before we get back.
    We have been told that we are a good deal ahead of last years contributions for the kids. great news and I hope that all of our friends , neighbors and relatives will continue to support this effort while we try to spread the word about the great work that Columbus Regional Hospital does for the children of our community.
    I have but one complaint, My sleeping partner on this adventure, Mr. Jolley, sheriff to most people, has publically proclaimed in print that he was only going to pack an additional pair of pants, three pair of socks, and three pair of underwear to last him 21 days. Do any of you other Miracle riders have any interest in swapping sleeping partners with me. It doesn’t have to be a even swap, I have additional cash to sweeten the pot and after about say 5 or 6 days days , your pot will definelty need sweetening. I will entertain all offers.
    Great fun ahead, lend your support, and follow these adventures ahead, see you on the road….. Ralph Kingrey

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