Excitement is Building (Jolley)

Time is counting down and excitement is really starting to build.  Will pick up my H-D from the shop tomorrow morning after putting on new tires and a total check up.  Never start a trip such as this without a set of new tires.  Of course I will have to replace this set when we get back.  I hear that donations are being mailed into the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) at P.O. Box 790, Columbus, GA 31902 daily.  I am told that you can make donations via the Internet, but that is over my head (sure James Cole could show me how to do it).  I have also ordered 500 3D custom coins with the “Miracle Rider – Posse” emblem.  See one of the Riders or go by Country’s BBQ in Columbus and ask about getting one. 

 Just about got my bag packed:  one pair of jeans, two shirts, three pair of socks & three pair of shorts.  Do you believe I am taking too much?  Of course, I got my tooth brush, comb and med’s.  The other sattle bag will hold my rain gear.  I talked to a couple of the other riders and they told me they were not going to wear socks so they had extra room on their bikes if I wanted to pack another pair of jeans.  Just don’t know.  Oh well, I have 16 more days to think about it. 

 Stay safe and keep in touch!    

–Sheriff Mike Jolley

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  1. Jennifer Joyner says:

    I think you need to re-visit the shorts!!! So proud of all of you! I’ll be following like everyone else!
    JJ : )

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