Welcome Home Riders!

The 2011 Miracle Riders are home! They arrived in Uptown Columbus during the Friday Night Concert after riding along the Riverwalk with over 100 local riders who joined them for the last leg of their journey. Over 300 people welcomed our 14 Miracle Riders back home, and Councilman Skip Henderson and Police Chief Ricky Boren offered the first official welcomes. Lance Duke, President and CEO of The Medical Center, thanked the riders for their commitment to the children in our community, and members of Cessna C.U.F.F. and Neonatology Associates of Columbus represented the sponsors in presenting a check to Children’s Miracle Network at The Medical Center for $118,300! Rick Stenson with the Blue Knights also presented a check on behalf of the Miracle Riders for $4,400. Donations from the evening totaled over $2,300, which brought the entire total for the 2011 Scott’s Ride for Miracles to over $125,000! A special video tribute was shown that both summarized the adventures on the road and thanked the riders for helping the sick and injured children treated at The Medical Center.

Donations are still being accepted, so it is not too late to make your online donation or purchase a Scott Bobblehead!

A very special thank you to our wonderful community! The support you have shown the Miracle Riders through this blog and through your generous donations is truly amazing! The 2011 Scott’s Ride for Miracles could not have been such a huge success without you!

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  1. Dewana says:

    Hey Scott! My sister called me yesterday and said the Midnight Express is next Sat. night. I’m scheduled to arrive late Friday night but we decided we’re gonna do it! I went online to get some info and saw the articles about your riders for the children…what a blessing to contribute to the lives of the children, the parents and it sounds like you know firsthand the struggles they go through. You make a difference in the lives of those around you and I would have expected no less from the fella I knew as a young’un! Jim and I moving back (after so many years) and Country’s is one of his favorites – i’m sure we’ll meet up somewhere along the way. Take care, Dewana 🙂

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