Post Ride Wrap Up (Vernon Griggs)

I want to thank Scott Ressmeyer for the invitation to be a Miracle Rider. I can truly say this was an A-plus trip of a lifetime. I want to thank all of the other riders for a fantastic journey. I made some good friends on this trip and good friends have become my brothers for life. I will always remeber this trip of sight seeing all 48 states – plus extra states – and the hospitals that we visited, the kids we saw and the patients we met. I thank my BABYDOLL and my business partner, Ted Golden, for giving me the go ahead and all of the family and friends that supported me spirtually and financially. Everybody keeps asking me if I will do it again, and my answer is YES, in a heartbeat. This trip of a lifetime was a great experience for me to see so many things in the USA. So many things were just like you would see on a post card, but I had the chance to see it in real time. There were so many people that we were blessed to see and meet, and the camaraderie I shared with 13 other guys meant that there never was a harsh word spoken between any of us. I really thought my journey had ended in Dubuque, Ia after the engine broke on my bike, but the other riders and Karen at CMN had worked out the plan for me to continue on the trip. I am so ever deep in ya’lls debt for the help and support from all of ya’ll. I am truly blessed to be among this group of people.


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  1. Karen Cook says:

    It is clear you are a true champion and willing to do anything for the kids. Thank you so much for never giving up!

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