Final Thoughts (Ralph Kingrey)

We as riders have been asked to give our final thoughts on the ride for the final edition of the blog for the year. There were no instructions about length or quantity, so I assume there are no restrictions here. Each of the guys will probably do this in a different way, but all having the same theme. We did this for the kids. Each of us will take something away from this experience that will vary somewhat from others riders, but I bet you if you read all 14 blog entries, they will summarize the same thing, we did it for the kids.

The guys who took this trip with me are an assortment of everyday guys that probably don’t stand out in a crowd, but together as a unit they formed a unit that was second to none in their ability get the job done at all costs and met all obstacles whether it be time away from work and family, financial burden, physical stress or any of the other elements that we were exposed to in this type of journey. And we all did it for the benefit of someone else and not our own personal gain. For this reason, there were none of the normal problems that are usually associated with a group with this many different personalities. We all worked together to make sure that this ride was completed safely, as a group, and most importantly, a financial success for the CMN.

Would I do this again? You betcha, and the main reason for me is the unique opportunity this ride affords a bunch of guys, some even strangers, to form together to make a difference in a cause that we probably wouldn’t be able to match as individuals. And we get to do it in a country as beautiful as ours, on a vehicle that has become a passion of ours, a Harley Davidson. Few things I have ever done in my life have afforded me the satisfaction that these two trips have given me and hopefully the future trips will continue give.

I want to thank all of the people involved at CMN who made this ride possible, the sponsors, the friends, the other fellow riders, the support group, and most importantly, my wife and family who sacrificed to see that I was able to participate in this adventure. It was amazing and something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Hopefully, next year will bring me this same opportunity and hopefully I will be able to once again experience this remarkable journey. See you on the road,

Ralph Kingrey

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  1. Karen Cook says:

    So sorry I missed you at the homecoming
    You must have headed out early, there were so many folks there to welcome you home, and Ronnie’s song was a highlight for sure. I’m glad you had a good time again this year.

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