Mission Accomplished (Brad Hansen) [Day 21]

Mission accomplished! 14 riders, 48 states, 21 days. The projected mileage at this point was to be 8,423, the actual was 9,052. You all know about the few missed turns or changes in the route. We used 3,100 gallons of fuel between the 14 bikes. That does not count the 2 gallon can the Sheriff is carrying on his bike for “just in case”. The highest price we paid for fuel was $4.699/gallon in Alturas, Ca. We still have 375 miles to travel tomorrow to get home.

That is a bunch of figures, but none as important as the figure we find out tomorrow night that was raised for the kids during the ride. We have all the memories of the sights of this beautiful country and the people we associated with. But what we will remember the most is the support we had from everyone following us on the blog page and their support for the Children’s Miracle Network. It was an honor to be a Miracle Rider for a second year. This ride has meant as much to me as last years. Neither ride was better than the other. We went to some of the same places but the differences are many between the two trips.

Tomorrow will be filled with excitement from meeting many people at Macon, the Infantry Museum, the ride on the riverwalk at sunset,downtown at the concert and finally a great weekend at home with family and friends. One final night in a hotel room bed and living out of a travel bag.

Thank you everyone for a great time.


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  1. Tonya Hanna says:

    Hi, I live in SC, and saw your story on a news website. Thank you for all you do to raise awareness and money for the CMN. My daughter has Rett Syndrome & because of that she has a lot of health issues. We spend a lot of time in the hospital. Two years ago, I stood at her feet in the ER watching them intubate her and start chest compressions. She had gone into septic shock & cardiac arrest at eight years old. They got her back with us, but didn’t expect her to live overnight. The staff at GMH worked with her and never gave up. Three weeks later she came home and was back to her normal self…. or at least what is normal for her. We are forever grateful. Thank you for helping the CMN!

  2. Donna says:

    Thank you all for all you have done 🙂

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