Thank You! (Mike Langford)

Well the 2012 Ride for Miracles (Eating Across America) is in the books. We did better than last year and that’s a good thing. We did not get to the $1,000,000 mark so that’s a bad thing. I guess it will all have to happen again next year.

We saw a few new things this year, stayed in a few new places, met a whole lot of new friends, and ate a whole lot of very good food. Staying in the Badlands overnight was awesome. The sheriff in Sedona, SD who cooked for us that night (we had nowhere to eat had he not stepped up), what a thing to do for a bunch of strangers. The entire town of Primghar, IO who welcomed us with open arms. The chicken dinner we were served at Baxterz was out of site. And what can you say about someone who you have never met inviting you and 13 of your hungriest friends over to the house for drinks and supper. Not just any supper, steak, lobster, and a tub full of cold beverages I’m talking about. Thanks again to Steve & Debbie Morrison. And what can I say about the day in NYC, it was something.

I want to personally thank everyone who supported us. Your thoughts and prayers, your comments on the blog, your presence last Friday night on Broadway, and most of all your donations keep us going. As I said before, we enjoy what we do and we have fun, but we always remember why we do it. Without all your support I don’t think any of us would do it again.

Special thanks to Chattahoochee Harley Davidson for again taking a major sponsor roll and letting me carry their logo across country. And to all our t-shirt sponsors and folks who bought a brick. You made it happen. And finally, JT you are special.

The riders will get together in a couple of weeks for a final dinner and to rehash the last month. I’m sure a lot of lying and bragging will go on. Then we will start thinking about next year. I know you will all be with us when Flash blows the saddle up whistle next May.

Again, thank you.

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  1. RideForMiraclesAdmin says:

    Thank you Tommy for your interest in becoming a Miracle Rider for 2013. I will email you details and requirements and answer any questions you may have. Thank you!

  2. Tommy Richardson says:

    Please contact me about how I can join your group, in time to ride 2013.

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