Life Goes On!

Dr. Bob Ressmeyer

Dr. Bob Ressmeyer

On April 17 the life of Dr. Bob Ressmeyer was celebrated with ice cream, love, laughter and stories of a remarkable man and the father of our own Scott Ressmeyer.  During the last  days since Dr. Bob died suddenly of a heart attack after a normal day at work; Scott, his mom Joni and an extended family have continued to cook barbeque, cater dinners, honor commitments and show us all that life goes on and in doing so honor the one lost.

We have talked in this blog about the life and work that continues in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and on the Pediatric floor of The Medical Center while the Miracle Riders are on the road.  As followers you have read about an annual stop in Joplin Missouri to visit a memorial to a rider’s son who lost his life while in college there, yet life goes on.  What you may not know is like Scott, many of the riders both past and present continue to support wives, children, moms, in-laws and others suffering from cancer, injury and end of life transitions, yet life goes on! Healing has occurred in some, it won’t in others. However the commitment these men have to this ride and to the people they know and love as well as the small lives they touch and may never know is remarkable and a living example of hope;  Life goes on!

Scott’s Ride is about many things but its most compelling message is LIFE;  the life of a child; the child we once were, the child we love and the child next door. Dr. Bob rides with us this year.

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  1. kelley says:

    My eyes filled with both sad and happy tears but a point well made. TO LIFE! RIDE DR BOB RIDE !!

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