Why I Ride

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  1. Steve & Karen Williams says:

    Just met you folks at the Shed in Ocean Springs Mississippi after your first day on the road, with 20 days of road ahead of you. 48 states in 21 days is a feat in itself, and the cause is a phenominal one! Thanks for what you do, hope to participate in a couple years. Ride Hard, Ride Safe, Thank You and God Bless Ya’ll!! Steve and Karen Williams

  2. cody says:

    I get it. It makes me sad that I will not be with you all this year. I know that you all will do what you do and get the word out and bring the money in. Ride safe and we will be there waiting to see you back on the 24th.

  3. Debra E says:

    I get it ! Thanks guys ,

  4. Cheryl Daniel says:

    I was so moved by Scott’s message… The children and parents are so blessed to have someone with Scott’s heart in their corner fighting for them. What a truly humble and honorable man. Columbus is well represented by these riders. May we all be a little more caring after watching this.

  5. Karen Cook says:

    The 2 dozen or so men who have participated in the ride over the last 4 years are all remarkable. Scott is able to put into words is a beautiful way what it is all about.

  6. Roxann Suits says:

    I get it, too! Godspeed to all of you!

  7. Rochelle says:

    I am so proud and I GET IT!. Hope everyone takes 5 minutes and listens to this. Follow these amazing guys for 21 days and you will get it too!

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