Day 18 (Scott)


What happened! I went a whole day without a wrong turn,I think. On top of that we were off the bikes by 2 PM. I’m sure all that will change on Tuesday¬†as we try to Navigate thru New York City and if we get thru that we have DC to look forward to.

Tuesday will be a hard day in lots of ways, not only from drive thru the city’s but of a phone call I will not receive. For as long as I can remember the first thing in the morning of my birthday I would be woke up by Dr Bob and get a birthday greeting, as I’m sure a lot of other people have also. He must have spent the first hour of his day on the phone calling people to wish them a great day. I will miss that. Birthdays is what this ride is truly about. We ride so we can share the story’s of all the birthdays that are possible because of donations that help our kids at home. We ride to share the success of the staff at The Medical Center. Sure it’s the doctors and nurses, but just important are the ones that you don’t think of. You pass them in the halls they might be in bookkeeping or the making sure the floors are clean. It takes the whole group to make it work. My hats are off to you. You have made a difference in hundreds of lives. So many more birthday are celebrated because of the work you do.

Tuesday’s ride will be full of thoughts for me, but the main one will be about all of the miracle baby’s that we have come in contact with over the years. To try to imagine what their life has in store for them. Maybe some will be doctors or a nurse, one might be in the back cooking for the patients. Who knows what they will become. Life is such a gift. Live it with passion, live like today is your last day. Hug as many people as you can. Set out each day with the goal to make a difference in someone’s life, and in the end when you are old and watching the sunset it will come to you that difference you made was in your life. Now that will be a hell of a sunset.

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  1. JT says:

    Happy Birthday my friend!!!!

    Wonderful posts by you and your Mom.

    Thank you again for allowing me to ride with y’all for a day. I’ll treasure that. Great men. Great hearts. Great cause.

    Ride safe getting home and it looks like awesome weather for Friday night’s celebration. Wish I could be there.

    All the best to you and Rochelle. See you at Christmastime.


  2. Sandra Langford says:

    How very sensitive-I am in tears. You have such a positive outlook on life….it is amazing. Wonderful blog and one I will always remember.

  3. Hannah Beckner VIckery says:

    Happy Birthday, Scott. So much love, passion, thoughtfulness and consideration. Thank You, Miracle Riders… for all of the Hard Work, Determination and Dedication, that you all put forth, to reach out and touch another persons life. Kindness is a Virtue..May you Always be Blessed.. Keep on RIding..Keep on Smiling..Sunsets are Beautiful…Safe Traveling and a Safe Return to Your Families.

  4. Joni says:

    Happy Birthday Scott…..I have never written about your birth….so I think now is the time….When I was 7 months along with Scott I was in so much pain that morning I couldn’t get up….Bob had to take finals that day and had to get to class….By late afternoon he took me to the hospital and everybody thought I was in labor….but guess what I wasn’t….they didn’t know what was going on.
    So the decision was surgery about 2 hours later still waiting….neither one of us was 21 so they didn’t think it would be possible….no Mother or Dad were where we lived 200 miles away…so off to surgery…several hours later…I was without one ovary and one tube…the ovary was the size of a softball and no one thought I would carry to term….Guess what you were 1 week late…but you hardly weighed 5 #’s….a pretty skinny thing…..I know in my heart that you were meant to do what you are doing now….Ride for the babies in the Nicu….and filling your life’s purpose…thanks for giving me 54 years of memories…Mom

  5. David & Lisa Frantz says:

    Happy Birthday Scott. What a way to celebrate! Stay safe Miracle Riders.

  6. Pat Carpenter says:

    Happy Birthday my friend. I know that today will be different for you but you were exactly right about this ride being to make sure that a lot of parents get to celebrate the birthdays of a child. If it was not for your efforts those birthdays would not be things that a parent could look back on with wonderful thoughts. I hope your birthday is filled with wonderful memories that make this day even better. Ride Safe

  7. Mike Hamby says:

    What a wonderful post. Yes that Sunset one day will be a great one indeed. The difference made in my life hooking my caboose to your train of Hope and Compassion for the “little ones” who cannot help themselves. Happy Birthday Scott!

  8. Judi Gill says:

    Happy Birthday Scott. If my memory serves me correct it was 54 years ago I was just finishing up my junior year of high school. That summer I went to Minnapolis to take care of my new nephew. “Boy” your mom and dad must of had a lot of confidence that I could handle the job? I am so proud of you and what a great man you have become. Have a wonderful day. Love Aunt Judi

  9. Hank Lewis says:

    Thank God for the circle of life… I am thinking and watching how lives are always changing.. My perspective is totally different today than when I was younger… My first grandchild Emma will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. Seeing her with wonder in my eyes at the possibilities she has, and all that she will experience, I can not even imagine what the world will be like when she is 58… Truly blessed to have been able to play even a small part in what this Ride represents. Happy birthday buddy and will see everybody Thursday.

  10. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    you’re best post yet, every word so true. This is what our life is for. So many never get what this life is for. I am blessed you help me see through your eyes what our life is for. and yes It will be one hell of a sunset, as it is every day that we put ourselves out there for someone else.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FATHER, FROM LEOPOLD AND ISABELLE. they miss you and are getting skinnier and skinnier ( no pizza and no fortune cookies)

  11. Freda Brock says:

    Scott, don’t let anyone tell you that you are a year older. You are only 1 day older than you were yesterday!!!

  12. Roxann Suits says:

    Happy birthday, Bro! I ditto everything Rochelle said. Life is a lot of bitter with the sweet. What you and the guys are doing right now is a huge dose of sweet. Ride the ride to fight on another day!

  13. Cindy S. says:

    Happy Birthday, may it be a blessed one as you have blessed so many.

  14. Freda Brock says:

    Happy Birthday Scott. And what a wonderful perspective you have put into many of the lives who will read this today. Happy thinking and be safe through all the traffic The Miracle Riders will be in today.

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