That’s Why I Ride (Scott)

Scott and Martin

I have a hard time putting my thoughts on paper on a normal day, but to try to sum up the ride in one last post is about damn near impossible. I’m not sure how to put on paper what it’s like to spend twenty one days with eleven other guys.

The journey in itself is Remarkable the guys I ride with are even more remarkable. Each one of them brings their own Unique personality with them. I guess that Uniqueness is why I have such a hard time keeping the cats all in a line. Then again I would not change a thing about any of them even if I could. It’s the Dynamics of the group that makes it so Successful. I’m not sure how it all falls into place but somehow when we pull out on that first Friday in May, everyone has their place. They know where they will ride in the pack and they all know how they will Contribute to the ride. We have the safety guy (we all take an active part in that) there is the camera man the Politician the Route man the guy that holds the bank for the money we collect on the road, we even have a Statistician, that keeps up with stuff like how many gallons of gas we use. All of these things are part of what makes the ride Successful. The most important Quality that every rider has brought to the trip, whether it was this year’s ride or one in the past is their heart. It would not matter in the least if we all get home safe or if I could tell you how much we spent on gas, if we did not tell our story. The story of kids that are going thru things that any kid should not have to Endure. Nor should a mother and father have to sit next to a giraffe bed with all kinds of tubes and monitors attached to it looking at their newly born 1.5 pound baby. As much as we wish we lived in a perfect world and things don’t happen to kids, the Reality is that is does. So our story is both sad and happy. We see firsthand the miracles that come through children’s miracle network. Those miracles touch our hearts, and we ride to the next town and tell the story of a child or a mother we just met. A lot of the people we come in Contact with have no idea of CMN. In a way I guess that is good, they have never have had to use the service because all of their kids were born and stayed healthy. Then we show them some of the items we carry with us, like the cast of the actual size of a preemie foot or how small the diaper is or the blood pressure cuff that will only fit around a grown man finger. We have their attention at this point, they want to know more. I’m not sure if I go about it the right way as far as raising money, in fact it is just plain hard for me to ask for a dollar amount. While I know the money is important I have always felt the story is more important and if we tell the story with the passion we all feel then the money will come. To look deeper into the ride I guess the whole thing should not even work. I mean how in the world could a total of 24 guys on motorcycles over the last five years raise over a half a million dollars just by doing something we love. The only answer I can come up with is that each rider has a Passion for kids and believes in what we are riding for.

I would like to thank all of the girls that are the backbone of this ride. You hardly ever get to see them they are tucked away down in their offices in the building across the street from the hospital. They call it the foundation. That word has two meanings to me yes it how the money is raised but more important it is the backbone of the ride. It is our foundation. Without them we would just be a bunch of guys out riding motorcycles. Thank you girls.

Now walk across the street and get in the elevator and take a stroll thru the NICU or the Pediatrics floor. This is where the real miracles happen. This is where you will find your true heroes. This is where saving lives takes place every day. Sure it’s the doctors, but everyone one of them that I have met will be the first to tell you that it takes the whole team to make a difference in a child’s life. So to the nurses; to the ones those work the front desk; to the folks that keep the place clean. Thank you.

Where do I go from here?  I think we have two more years of what has been called ride for miracles. I will be sad in a way when we reach our goal of a million dollars. I guess we all can get together and relive the stories of being on the road. I’m sure there will be a lot of Exaggerating of how hard the rain really was or how cold we all got, or how many times I got lost. For myself I will be waiting for the day that I read about a child that was only given a one percent chance of Surviving. I can see it now sitting on my porch watching the sunset and on the news I hear them talk about someone who survived all odds of being born a Preemie has just ridden their motorcycle across the county to have a great meal and watch the sunset over the Pacific. Then the cycle will be complete. Someone will have made a difference in one life, and that life would have been mine.

That’s why I ride.

Hug someone today.



6 Responses to That’s Why I Ride (Scott)

  1. JoLynn Frank says:

    As always, when you speak, I cry. You say you have a hard time writing/speaking your thoughts…but you are very eloquent. People are drawn to you…the Big Guy upstairs knew He had a winner in choosing you to lead such an awesome task!!! Thank you Scott for giving so many a chance… The babies, the guys, everyone…to live, spread the word, and just be able to be part of something so absolutely amazing. I know that my husband annoyed the crap out of you to get on that ride, but I have enjoyed watching him grow into an absolutely awesome man, daddy, and spokesperson for such an awesome cause. He got to do something he dreamed of doing, but it has become so much more than either of us ever expected. Thank you… Hats off to you!!

  2. carrie standridge says:

    love, love, love… thank you 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    It takes men with hearts of gold to wish miracles for children they may never meet.
    God has truely blessed this ride year after year. All of the riders are a inspiration to us all.
    Ride on.

  4. Jan says:

    I think you express your thoughts pretty well – and I can hear your voice as I read your post. It is one thing to have a great idea about riding the lower 48 states to celebrate your 50th Birthday and raise some money for CMN. It is quite another thing to stay with this miracle ride for 4 more years – and let it grow into the amazing event that it is. I know you probably would say that you are just one of the guys along on a journey. But it is truly the measure of a man who can have a simple idea or a vision, and also have the faith to believe it is possible. Miracles are real and they will happen.

  5. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Very eloquent last line. I will always hold dear the people who have made a difference in my life. I am blessed, as Vernon Griggs (Miracle Rider) once told me, to have wonderful people in my life. They make your life.

  6. Karen Cook says:

    Meeting and getting to know great men of character like the Miracle Riders has been one of the greatest blessings of my life!

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