Chris P. Bacon

Chris P. bacon

Hi everyone. My name is Chris P. Bacon and I have been asked to be the official mascot for the 2014 GA State Harley Owners Group (HOG) rally to be held in Columbus in September. I was honored but I told the nice lady that runs the rally committee (Ms Cathy) that I had never even been on a hog before. She said she knew some guys who were riding cross country for the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) and maybe they would let me go along.

The lady that is in charge at CMN (Ms Karen) said it was a great idea as long as I did what the other guys did, write blogs and tell people about the CMN. I told her everyone just called me a big ham anyway so of course I could talk to people but the blog might be a problem cause I don’t have fingers, or thumbs. She said that as a miracle rider I would just have to man-up, or in my case pig-up, and get the job done somehow. And she said that as a rookie I might have to clean windshields or do the menu at the rider

B-B-Q. I think she said “do” the menu. What is a B-B-Q anyway?

So, my buddy Mike Cunningham told me I could ride with him and if I tape a pencil to my hands I can type on Mr. James TV-Typewriter. I will be keeping you up to date every few days from a porker point of view for the next 3 weeks. And I really can’t wait to meet all of the riders, I have been told they are all good guys. I was warned about some guy named Scott tho, I don’t know why.

I can’t wait!!!

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  1. Roxann Suits says:

    Mr. Chris P. Bacon, don’t forget the sunscreen!

  2. Susan Edmundson says:

    Hope you are all tucked in and sound asleep! You have a very big day ahead of you tomorrow! This is your time to “swine”!

  3. Cathy Hodge says:

    Ms. Cathy is thrilled! Even if she can not post a comment correctly! Ha!

  4. sherry Hubbard says:

    Mr. Chis P Bacon. Fair warning. Don’t get out on the ride with our friends and act like a HAM. I for one am looking forward to reading your Pig Pen writings. Those rolling Hogs travel for several thousand mile. They sure do work hard raising money for all those sweet babies.
    Don’t forget to pack the Oinkment. You will be glad you have it on the second or third day
    Humm; are you famous do you know gordy, 3 little pigs or Babe, Can you fly???? OH … All most forgot on the ride I’M sure your going to share pictures of the SowPrizeParty. I’m thinking there going be a few birthdays during the trip. Welcome and Wishing you a Epig Experience!

  5. Dawn says:

    How cute! You’ll be in Hog Heaven Im sure- just stay away from kitchens & you should be safe! Hold on tight!! Lol

  6. Sandra Langford says:

    Welcome to the HOG family. Sure you’ll be a great entree, ahhh-addition to the rider family. Don’t worry Scott and the guys will take good care of you. None of them like BBQ:-)

  7. Susan Edmundson says:

    I am going to miss you while you are on your big journey with the Miracle Riders! But oh the sights you will see!!! You are going to meet a lot of people and visit some really great children at the Children’s Hospitals along the way. So you be a good little piggy, listen to your chaparones, and we’ll be following you all the way! #scottsride

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