May 26, 2009 – Day 19

Thanks to all of Scott’s friends that have been following this blog.  If you haven’t made a donation at one of the supporting restaurants or online, please consider clicking on the Donate Now link on the right to find out how you can support Scott and his efforts to help the kids in the Columbus Community.  All donations will benefit Children’s Miracle Network at The Medical Center.  Scott is close to his goal of $35,000.  We would like to be able to surprise Scott Friday night with an announcement of making this goal.

From Scott:

“RAIN!  Every kind of rain you can think of I saw today.  I remember how Forest Gump described it – sideways rain, light rain, hard rain, but the one I think he missed was how rain feels going over the Memorial Bridge into New Jersey.  Forest didn’t know about rain at  when you are traveling at four or five hundred feet over the Delaware River with the wind blowing and having to drive fifty mph just to keep from getting run over.  I was glad to get back to the real ground and off the bridges.  I take a turn to the north on I-295 for about ten miles and over another bridge to get out of New Jersey.  Now this is where they get you.  You can come into Jersey for free over the bridge but to get out you have to pay a toll. (Can anyone say Tony Soprano?) The toll is now four dollars.  I Googled it and the information on the website said $3 a car. I guess they have not updated it lately. But get this… on a single day they take in $270,000. You would think with that kind of money they could put some sides on the bridge just so it won’t blow my a$#%#^^ off into the river.  I thought about going north another 50 or so miles just so I could make a land crossing. I must also confess, I am sure that I will be getting a ticket from Monday going around New York City.  I got in the wrong lane and could not get over as I was going into the toll area. Yep, right in the EZ-Pass Lane (I swear I could not get over without getting run over).  I heard it beep and saw flashes of light as I went under.  All that I could do is turn and smile and wave.  I hope it’s a good picture and my hair was not too messed up. Maybe I could get Chief Boren to put in a good word for me.

Ok, back on I-95 heading through Baltimore once I get on the other side, I will only have a few more miles of interstate to travel.  Now Baltimore has the right idea on how to get to the other side of the water. They dug a great big hole right under Patapsco River. They charge you $2 to use the tunnel both ways which gets them about $230,000 a day.  I sure didn’t mind to pay that toll.  This was about a mile of dry and warm ridding. In fact, I wonder if they would get mad if I just stopped under here for awhile. Probably so.  I do see cameras everywhere, and I could be running out of favors with the Chief. I do think when I get home I am going to set me up a toll booth on the 14th Street Bridge.”

Day 19 - Scott crossing into Virginia and he says, "Another Bad Hair Day!"

Day 19 - Scott crossing into Virginia and he says, "Another Bad Hair Day!"

2 Responses to May 26, 2009 – Day 19

  1. Valerie Bowden says:

    Hope you are ok. (I know a great hair stylist) We could all write letters to help you get out of any traffic tickets! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. See you Friday! Be safe.

  2. Peter Bowden says:

    Holy smoke! look at the biker (referring to today’s picture)! Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the fees from the toll road (just half a day), applied to the CMN cause? There’s probably an envelope waiting on your desk with tickets that will need tending to when you get back. So the Chief may only be able to offer to give you a ride to the court house. Be safe. Rainy weather and highway riding is not the best combination. Hope to see you Friday.

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