May 27, 2009 – Day 20

One more day until Scott returns home!  It’s not too late to make a donation to be counted in the final amount to be announced tomorrow night at the final Friday Night Broadway Concert Series (1100 block of Broadway).  Come out and celebrate with Scott at his return with a special presentation during intermission.  Classic Addict starts the concert at 7:00 p.m. followed by DSOS after Scott’s Welcome Home.  Also, click on the Homecoming link to find out how you can ride with Scott in on the Riverwalk!

From Scott:

“Ok guys, enough of the rain! I guess I started in the rain so I might as well finish in the rain – but thunder storms are in a different category. I used to never worry about lightning on a bike until about a month before I left.  I heard about a guy that got hit by lightning. I thought the rubber tires would protect you, but I guess you need the cage around you. The mountain road I was on in the storm didn’t have a place for me to pull off for cover so I just had to ride through it. Now, I’m not ready to leave this earth just yet, but if you had to go from a bolt of lightning on a mountain road that would be better than winding up as a grease spot on the road after you got hit by a trash truck.  People would be talking about the guy that rode out of here on a bolt of lightning for years. But like I said, I’m not quite ready to go yet.

Now the good part of the back roads is the small towns you get to go through – the ones that it looks like time has forgotten. You’ll see people on the street standing around talking, a small hardware store, or a real gas station where they even work on cars. You have the local diner that when you go in everyone knows right off you are not from around there. This was the case when I had lunch at the Korner Shop Café.  And yes, that is how they spell it.  Life in a small town is really laid back.  At noon, just about everyone stops for lunch. You can see them either going home or as the case in this town, all pile in the café for today’s special which was spaghetti and meatballs. It gets a little quiet when I first walk in, but I start pulling off the rain gear and they can see that there is a normal person under all that plastic. I jump up to the counter and order a glass of tea. You never know what you are going to get, but to my surprise she asked if I would like sweet or unsweet. Ahhhhhh… I’m back in the South. They tell me about the special, but I see that they have barbecue on the menu so I order a bowl of the homemade chili and a barbecue sandwich and start to feel right at home.  The chili was really good and the sandwich was ok. The guy next to me told me I should have gotten the spaghetti because they get their barbecue out of a tub.  Then I see a cooker back in the kitchen and my new friend must know what I’m thinking because he tells me they just use that for a shelf to put stuff in. He also tells me not to leave without getting the blackberry cobbler.  I should have just let him order for me because he was right about the cobbler – it was great.

The rain has let up so its time to get back on the road. If the sun would have been out, I think I would have gone to find a tree to lie under to take a nap. I can see the clouds getting darker again, but I need to go a little bit longer today and besides there is not a motel in sight. Now you have rules that you should give yourself when you ride a bike. Number one: always ride at your own pace. If you are ridding with someone and they go faster and harder, just let them go and ride your own ride.  You will get there when you get there – the point is to just get there. Number two: when you come to a stop put your feet down. I know it sounds logical but it happens. Usually only once, but it does happen. Number three: don’t forget to turn on the gas. I never remember to shut mine off so I don’t have this problem. Number four: always look to where you want to go. Now this can be a hard one sometimes. Like on mountain roads you see the signs for falling rocks. Well, as you are riding along and you are looking through the curves and where you want the bike to go like you are supposed to, then out of nowhere you see rocks coming down the hill. Now what do you do?  Do you look down the road and the curve you want to round or this big a%##%$ boulder coming down the hill? You know if you look at the falling rock that is where you will wind up – heading right for it.  If you don’t ride, I know this is hard for you to believe. But ask any biker and they will tell you that you go where you look. If there is a big pot hole in the middle of the road, you have got to look at it and sure enough you are going to drive right into it.  This is the same with a big rock coming down the side of a hill.  I think I will just stop and let them have the right of away.”

Day 20 - Scott at the Korner Shop Cafe

Day 20 - Scott at the Korner Shop Cafe

7 Responses to May 27, 2009 – Day 20

  1. Valerie Bowden says:

    Hope tomorrow is a great day of riding for you. See you tomorrow night! Be safe.

  2. The Office Ladies says:

    Even though you are coming home tomorrow, can you still write a blog everyday? What will we do with our time?

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m wondering the exact same thing! Whatever will I do with myself first thing in the morning? I know there will be an entry on Saturday and you never know what else!

  3. Mark says:

    Hey Aunt Judi,

    While you & Grandma are listening tomorrow turn your
    radio too @ 3 p.m. Pierce & Columbus High School are playing for the State Championship in Catersville Ga. Scott should be coming right by us during the first game.
    Maybe he might surprise us and stop by to check out some baseball before he heads to Columbus. There’s
    nothing like watching a great baseball game after being gone for 20 days…

    Mark, Gaye & Pierce

  4. Aunt Judi says:

    HI Nephew: Great to see your almost home so have a safe trip the rest of the way and I hope sunny skies. I will try and get the Kiss’in 99 station on for Friday night just in case they are at the Riverwalk homecoming. I am getting really good on the computer pulling up all your sites and getting really good at printing all the daily updates and comments. Gma Ethel has her own booklet so she can read, read, and read. See you in about 3 weeks. Love Aunt Judi (Indiana has rain today also)

  5. Gma Ethel says:

    Scott: Sorry I will not be there for your homecoming but be careful on your last 2 days. I will see you the middle of June. We tune into the morning show and see your video and it is good to hear your voice. Have a great time on Friday night. Love Gma Ethel

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