Bumps in the road just melting away- David McNeil

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When we returned home and we were invited to come onto the stage Cason (CJ) greeted me, put this around my neck and said “thank you for riding for me”. This made every bump in the road that beat the heck out of us just melt away.

As we traveled this beautiful country of ours I was constantly reminded that I am a very lucky man and humbled to get to do this. The people we met on the road were awesome for the most part. There are still good people on earth they just need a reason to reach out a helping hand. Words can’t describe how I felt when we left Macon for Columbus. Seeing all the people that showed up to travel that last leg home with us told me that people here missed us and wanted to show us their support. Of course the best part for me was having my Lovely Bride on the bike with me because I missed her terribly and I didn’t have to anymore (until next year).

Knowing that you have done something with what you have will have a positive impact on someone’s life one day is what life is all about, helping others that can’t help themselves. I’ve had a number of people ask me “how was the trip?” And all I can say is its indescribable! Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and support for CMN we really do appreciate it.


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  1. Debralyn McNeil says:

    When my precious hubby speaks of his experience on the ride, his face lights up and he becomes very animated, whether he is talking to someone face to face or phone to phone, it is the same. I have heard him say so many times that this ride has changed him and it has. He has always been the most caring, kind and generous person and I did not think there was room for him to become even more so but I was wrong. He has also become very patient with situations, people, animals. His heart belongs to the children and families of CMN and the Miracle Riders are his brothers now. I think he would go again today. God Bless you all.

  2. Karen Cook says:

    Does that horse trot?

  3. Sandra Langford says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on the ride. Your bride missed you just as much as you missed her I can assure you. What you guys do is beyond description! You are all heroes- ask the families of those you have helped.

  4. Ken Tidwell says:

    David , I am grateful that we have had the opportunity to share this ride together and wish everyone had the opportunity to laugh with you. In every field there is a horse that will put a smile on someones face.

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