Here Comes Another Love Letter-Brian Brock

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Another day, another dollar, after I sang and hollered….that’s pretty much how I spent the last three weeks. How was it the second time? That’s exactly what Scott asked me as we were watching the final video. Not the same. Last year even the bad parts were awesome, everything was new. This year the bad parts were just bad. Twenty-one days is a long time. Could I play Survivor? Thirty-nine days away, no food, no phone call, no email….NO WAY!!! I ate like a Viking every day, called the wife and kids all the time. As I had a chance to reflect over the Memorial Day weekend my respect for our military only increased tenfold. They are away much longer, in much worse locations, and no one was shooting at us. My deepest respect to all who serve, and those that support them here at home.

Will I go again? In a second. Nothing can take away from the beauty of our country, every single bit of it. Nothing can leave a mark on you like the American spirit of giving. Nothing can erase the look in the faces of the hospital staff and patients. Nothing can take away the feeling you get when a child in New York writes you a note, or a child in Columbus gives you a note that they wrote, in the shape of a heart. Are you going again? Try and stop me.

Now for some fun….let’s get to the final chapter of getting to know your riders….with a twist.

I asked the wives a few questions. I also asked Anna and Karen different questions, I think you’ll like the answers.

I asked the wives, the location or event of the first date with your rider, describe your rider in one word, what does your rider do to make you laugh and what is your rider afraid of.

Gayle Tidwell – (Ken)

First date was a drive in movie, it helped that her Dad was the manager and they got in free. (I bet both of them could tell you the movie, but couldn’t tell you how it ended)

Incredible – (I agree, Ken chased me down in New York City when we scattered like the wind)

Ken gickles. It’s a family thing, not a typo, he is a gickler.

Ken is afraid of Gayle….at least he better be!!! (that is a direct quote)

Julie McDowell – (Gary)

Their first date was at a street dance. (bet it was country, and Gary has video)

Awesome – (Anyone that knows Gary would agree.)

Watching Gary play with the grandkids is what “gickles” Julie.

Gary is afraid of nothing. (probably because he can fix anything)

Susan Leatherwood – (James)

They didn’t really date, they just hung out with a group of friends. It only took James seven months to cull her from the herd and they were married.

Inspirational – (I can’t really add anything here, it’s true.)

He does goofy things, on purpose. (uh….yup, makes me laugh too)

He is definitely afraid of Susan. (I’m sensing another pattern here) But most importantly he is afraid of not being the man God has called him to be, most importantly, a father.

Susan Edmundson  – (Billy)

After meeting in the ladies restroom, (it’s true, I heard the story, it’s cute) they attended a corporate aviation dinner and went dancing.

Dependable – (Seriously, Billy is like a rock.)

When Billy misses his turn or entrance, he’ll say “I guess I should have turned there”, makes her laugh every time.

They share the same fear, losing the other one.

Cathy Stinson – (Rick)

They met in a bar, and in December will have been married 40 years.

Fearless – (actually this is my word for him)

He makes Cathy laugh with his police stories and the way he puts things away for safe keeping. (Man I can write a book about this. People are crazy, ask any cop. And one night we walked in the room, I gave him his key and in less than 5 minutes, he “put it away for safe keeping”.)

Rick really does not like heights. I wouldn’t say afraid, he just doesn’t like ‘em.

Karen Tennant – (Steve)

Their first date was bowling. She just liked the view. (thanks Karen, now I can’t get that image out of my head)

Wonderful – (for all the grief he took for riding a non-Harley, I agree)

Steve is a fan of Michael Scott, he is always on the listen for his opportunity to add “that’s what she said”.

His only fear is losing Karen.

Jan Hansen – (Brad)

Can’t remember a specific first date but they hung out with friends from work. Brad was also friends with Jan’s older brother. (I used the same angle to land my bride Brad, smooth, very smooth)

Dependable – (our first repeat word, and I couldn’t agree more, Brad is a straight shooter, don’t ask him if you don’t want the answer, he’s helped me a ton)

There’s not one thing Brad does to make Jan laugh, he IS a funny guy. Brad is very tech savvy, but he had a hard time getting The William Tell Overture for the ride. Jan enjoyed his unsuccessful quest. (I got it for him, and he played it for us every morning on the road)

Traveling overseas. Not gonna do it!!! (Brad, I’ve taken the wife to Italy, they speak English and want your money, so they are very nice to Americans)

Rochelle Ressmeyer – (duh, Scott)

Their first date was Jim Morpeth’s wedding.

Strongwilled – (when he gets an idea, he’s not coming off it, when I suggested the Golden Gate Bridge, and the deviator came up with the route, it was on)

He creates diversions in situations that make Rochelle laugh.

Scott is afraid of cruises. (probably because he would meet everyone the first day and there would be no one else to meet for a week)

Linda Brock – (Me)

(editor’s note, this is copied, I added nothing, she only asked me the name of the band, this is all her)

First date:  Cheap Trick, Georgia State University (31+ years ago).

One word to describe:   Worker  – Brian may work at Grainger from 8-5, but he “worked” as an elder for the church for many years, then he “worked” for House of Heroes  and now he “works” for the Children’s Advisory Council – and of course he “works” for me in his spare time (ha, ha).

He makes me laugh when he is just being himself.  He will do the goofiest things all in the name of fun.  He doesn’t mind embarrassing himself or looking silly (obviously).

What is he afraid of?  Snakes (well who isn’t?).  He also says his biggest fear is working so long to retire, and then dying the next day.  He wants to enjoy his retirement years!  Whenever that is. (editor’s note 2, it’s more like 6:30 – 5:00)

Now we have bonus questions. This is what I asked Karen and Anna. What is the one thing you would like to experience on the road like the riders do, what city were you born in, beach or mountains, favorite leisure activity and what do you miss when the ride is over?

Anna Crossley

Anna would love to see our beautiful country, and enjoy the food. (you can do it in a car, but until you do it on a motorcycle, it’s just not the same)

She was born in Music City USA – Nashville TN

Beach all day long!!! (I love my mother-in-law, she bought a place in Daytona)

“Eating a wonderful meal with a delicious cocktail and then working out to counteract my first love.” (that’s exactly what we do on the ride…except the workout part)

“Opening my email every day to stories and pictures from the road and being the first one to read it. It’s definitely how I feel connected to you guys on the ride.” (all the pictures? Really all of them?)

Karen Cook

Karen wants to take the ride up the Pacific coast, and the ride across Lolo Pass and then a meal filled with laughter at the end of the day. (that’s IS exactly what happens, for 21 days)

Karen was born in Atlanta.

She too is a beach person, it restores her soul. (we need to plan a beach trip, not a cruise, a beach trip)

For fun Karen likes to get to know someone new, or someone she knows better. (do you see why her and Scott get along so well)

At the end of the ride, she misses the riders. (we miss you too, so let’s plan meals, beverages, laughter, music and I bet people would pay to join us!!!)

Actually, I think Karen wanted to answer all the questions I asked all the people. But, her favorite concert was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at Georgia Tech in the 70’s.

So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent together as much as I have, and know that it’s all for the children.

Today’s song of the day…There Goes Another Love Song by The Outlaws

3 Responses to Here Comes Another Love Letter-Brian Brock

  1. Julie says:

    I’m with Karen about the beach. My ride is to the keys on the bike. Tail on the bike, toes in the sand. After the goal is met, maybe we can all ride to the keys..
    Thanks Brian for making us laugh everyday. I will miss the blogs. I love having my honey home but he’s with you and would leave today to go again if he could help one child. All you
    guys are hero’s and one day maybe you will see one of these babies as a rider.

  2. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    an amazing ending blog to all your great blogs. I love to watch all the anctics and commraderie you guys share. It is so amazing. I love the relationship you all have with Karen, Anna, Kim, Sandy and Jennifer. It makes me tear up everytime I watch Scott with all the ladies. They are so very dear to him. If you can have just one relationship like that in your lifetime, you are truely blessed. I feel the love from the ladies all the time, so I’m not really jealous; well maybe a little.
    You guys are so special! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The ride from my view is nothing short of a Miracle. I guess that’s why you are called Miracle Riders.

  3. Sandra Langford says:

    No surprises there in those answers. Most I had heard in conversations along the way. Yes, we need to keep things going all year even if only to meet for an adult beverage or the Friday night concerts as long as they last. Of course, you guys would have to set up at the end of the block!!

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