Sunset – Scott Ressmeyer

Scott's Sunset

It was a large orange ball just starting to disappear behind the Alabama tree line with a slight reflection on the river.  The reflection off the water seemed to be pointing to a single small tree planted there only a few short years ago; or at least in my mind it was shining on it.  See this tree now has aspecial place in my heart.  This is the place that I put the last of my dad’s ashes from the 2013 ride.  So maybe the sun’s reflection was not really lined up perfect with that tree but in my mind’s eye it was.  The same is true with this year’s ride.  When the sun finally set for the last day of the ride in my mind it was perfect.  I know that there are some that didn’t ride with us who will have a different view than we dio.  I guess it is how you choose to look at it.  Did you see the cold and rain along with the wind or did you see the rainbow that gave way to the full moon.  Maybe it was the wrong turn that you noticed the most as you watched the ping of spot or the live feed from Ustream and in your mind you wanted to call and say you are going the worng way or did you notice the Tee-Pee Cafe.  We did. So was it really a wrong turn or were we guided there by something else?

Maybe your conversation on Tuesday May 13 was about BIKE DOWN.  The two worst words I could ever hear on the ride.  Did you spend the day talking about the gravel, the curve in the road with the drop off into the creek, or was it about celebrating the day’s ride with Martin and what it meant to us riders to share this day with him? Yes even the Deviator saw the purpose of this day. Was the reflection of the setting sun really lined up wiht that tree? Hell yes, in my mind’s eye.  It is easy to sit back and find the things that go wrong in life and where you think you might have made a wrong turn.  But can you ride till you find the rainbow next to the Tee-Pee Cafe with the bigger than life smile of Martin? These are the real stories of life, sure there are bad things that happen and you can find fault in the people you love and the people you work with or the people we meet while on this earth.  The challenge is to find the good, then build on that.

Yes this trip we hit a few pot holes along the way.  With bike break downs and a crash. Hey guess what? We are all home laughing about all of it.  We are also remembering all of the lives we touched and the ones who touched us.  The question is still the same for me. Did we make a difference? Whithin the group I know we did.  We left as sixteen riders and came back as one.

So maybe I look at the reflection worong.  The life inside each of us is what shines on your special place then reflects off the water and reaches over the trees and touches the sun and what makes the day brighter for the people around you. Larry! Know this, even as you struggle for the life inside you made the world a brighter place.  You are a true Miracle Rider.

Sorry Brian I’m going to steal something from you.  Song of the day.

“If today was my last day!”



5 Responses to Sunset – Scott Ressmeyer

  1. Theresacorbitt says:

    scott hope you get the money

  2. Karen Cook says:

    I love looking at the group shot taken at the foundry at the top of the page and thinking it was taken a lifetime ago. Many folks will live an entire life and not know the power of something like the Miracle Ride. Even for those of us at home, every year is life changing. Each year I don’t think it can get more powerful…but it does.

  3. Jan Hansen says:

    It is not possible to describe the purpose of the Miracle Ride any better. Thank you for your vision and determination to reach the goal. I echo Brian’s comment – Well said.

  4. Brian says:

    People always ask, what’s it like? How does it make you feel? This is the closest explination I’ve seen to capture the effects of this experience. Well said brother…well said…

  5. Sandra Langford says:

    I KNOW the sun was lined up with that tree! What a terrific blog. If we could live each day with that mind set how great life would be. Thanks for sharing your vision with these other riders and allowing the trips to change their lives. And thanks for sharing with us- it has certainly changed me. Love you.

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