11 Harleys – 48 States – 21 Days

Scott Ressmeyer is riding AGAIN through all 48 lower states, but this year he is taking a posse with him!  Follow Scott and the other Miracle Riders through this blog as they leave on Friday, May 7, for a 21-day journey across the country and try to raise $75,000 for Children’s Miracle Network at The Medical Center!

Check out the links on this blog to find out how you can get involved and support Scott’s Miracle Ride and Children’s Miracle Network at The Medical Center!

(Read News Release from today’s kick-off announcement!)

6 Responses to 11 Harleys – 48 States – 21 Days

  1. jim cheverie says:

    It was a honer to meet you and the rest of the guys you ride with you and them are special people have a safe ride and god bless you

  2. jade jolley says:

    hi bigs it’s me agin i miss u can’t wait till u come home sorry i’ll be with mom … but u can call me … i’ll see u the next weekend k


    • Sheriff Mike Jolley says:

      I miss you to little girl. Big Daddy will be home soon and you can come over and spend the night. I will tell you all about the trip. I even bought you something in Salt Lake City, UT.

    • Cindy Jolley says:


      Thanks for thinking of Big Daddy during his travels. You know how much he loves children and protects them from harm. It’s great that you could participate in the send off. You are so sweet to place a kiss on the windshield of his motorcycle. Big Daddy and the riders have faced and overcome challenges in weather conditions. Folks have been faithful to cover them in prayer along the way. You are a precious granddaughter and we are very proud of you, Shawn, Annie, Ramsey, and Shy. It will be great to have Big Daddy back home again. I know you will be excited to hear about the details…. of course the gift will be extra special!

      Love Nana.

  3. Jennifer Joyner says:

    Thanks, guys, for a great hospital tour and being a part of the ride this year!

    Keep watching the blog for new announcements and features as we get closer to May 7th!

    • Sheriff Mike Jolley says:

      It is my honor to be a part of something that will make a difference in the lives of children that can not help themselves. Twenty-one days is a small price for us (me) to pay to be a part of something this big. Thank-You!

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