Wow!-Gary McDowell

Martin and Mason

10 Responses to Wow!-Gary McDowell

  1. Cathy Stinson says:

    Martin is definitely giving you guys signs that he is with you! Awesome!

  2. Christy Armentrout says:

    Truly Amazing!

  3. JONI says:

    THANKS MARTIN…FOR BEING THERE…..You’re not off duty till May 22 nd…..miss you, you sweet angle.

  4. Sandy says:

    Priceless, truly amazing! #TeamMartin!

  5. kelley says:

    Martin can now be everywhere you need him! Still looking after others and spreading his message. He is amazing!

  6. Rochelle says:

    no way!!! how awesome

  7. Karen says:

    Martin’s still riding! Sending messages loud and clear!

  8. Freda Brock says:

    Wow is the only word for this.

  9. Chris Thiele says:

    That is awesome!

  10. Sandra Langford says:


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