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I’m asked all the time, which is my favorite state. That’s like trying to pick your favorite ice cream. Really it’s ice cream, I love them all. Yesterday’s flavor was rocky road with a side of chunky mud. No not the ice cream the roads we traveled. I’m not sure if it was the bumps every 25 yards or chunks of mud scattered between the bumps. What ever the case I think I might have left some of my body parts in Nebraska. One thing for sure we did have to make some extra pit stops for the guys. On the plus side I do love riding thru the farm country of the Midwest. You have to venture off the interstate to get a real feel for how vast some of the farms are. When most of us are getting up and getting ready for work i’m sure the farmer has already been in the field for hours. On each side of the road you can see where they have prepared the ground for planting and in some cases already see some of the corn starting to come out of the ground. The rows are perfectly straight and looks like small green lines going for miles. One of the other things you notice is the families all out in the field from mom to the kids, they all have a job to do during planting season. Another thing you will notice is they a wave to you as you go by. Maybe it’s because we are on the bikes but I’m sure it’s because it’s just way the farmers are.

We had a special stop today. Last year just because of a wrong turn we found a great little town. Bonesteel SD. Is a place that might not even be on the map but if you find yourself out this way make it a point to stop by the teepee cafe. You will be in for a treat with some good food but more important you will me some great people. If you time it just right you might even get to meet Cooper. If he’s not their just ask for him, it’s a small town. I’m guessing here but I think he is about 13, I asked him what he was going to do during the summer when school let out. Without hesitation he said work at the gas station next door. I’m not sure but I think we can all learn a lesson from that. Hard work and giving to others, Cooper you have what it takes, if you were a bit older I would love to have you ride with me.

3 Responses to Cooper- Scott Ressmeyer

  1. Karen says:

    A memory Cooper will share for the rest of his life about the larger than life band of brothers that blew in from the west on their motorcycles and stopped to say thank you.

  2. Sandra Langford says:

    Maybe Cooper will look you up one day and tell you about the Harley he has and ask to meet you on the road. that wood be a ride.

  3. JONI says:

    this brings lots of memories to me
    Scott de-tassling the corn to earn 25 cents an hour and later after the pickers went thru we came walking along side a wagon and picked the ears the pickers left so we could give the money we earned to the cheerleading fund….long time ago but your blog reminded me about how much time we spent in the corn fields..

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