Day 17-Scott Ressmeyer


Yes it’s been a couple of days since my last post. The last few days have been some long ones with about 500 miles each day. We have been in the saddle from about sunup to sundown. A lot has happened in the last two days. Wish I could remember it all. I’m starting to forget even what room I’m suppose to go to each night after dinner, they all start running together. It was a big Suprise running into Will White and his family from Columbus in South Bend Indiana, they were up for one of their daughters graduation from Notre Dane. We were all eating at the same restaurant. When Will walked in he noticed a bunch of bikes with logos on them from Columbus. We all did a group photo with all the guys and his graduate. I’m sure it was rough for her to stand around a bunch guys that had 16 days of road grime on them. Thanks for buying our lunch Will.

For the most part the group has been able to stay together the last few days. Which is a next to impossible when you consider how many of us there are. We picked up another Miracle Rider, Mike Cunningham, on Saturday night. He had a tag along rider with him as well, Steve Hodge. I think Mike C was trying to break him in right with making him ride in the rain for most of the way to meet up with us. We will have one more long day of over 400 plus miles on Monday then it will be some short day until we get home on the 22nd.



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  1. Rick Moll says:

    Hey Scott… Rick Moll here… I was the News Director at WTVM, News Leader 9 in the early 2000’s…. (2003-2007). We worked on several projects, including the Midnight Run and hooking up a couple of folks with loved ones via satellite in Iraq. Anyway, I’m the News Director at WSLS 10 in Roanoke now. Not sure if you’ll be coming down Interstate 81 on your way to Columbus, but if you stop off near Roanoke, let me know. (540) 512-1550.

  2. Larry Baker says:

    You guys are awesome!!!! See y’all Friday in Macon. Ride safe!!!

  3. Roxann Suits says:

    Ya’ll are amazing. Be safe out there!

  4. Janice Ellerbee says:

    Those lobsters looked so delicious today! I love being able to watch you live when I can. Especially when I get to see my son enjoying the privilege of getting to join you on your last ride.

  5. JONI says:

    Hey Scott the daughter of Will White is a swimming student several years back…..his girls are great tennis players….just a little of trivia….I heard the lobster you had at lunch was great….my mouth started watering thinking about it. Pls ride safe.

  6. Sandra Langford says:

    That’s one way to break a rider in-rain! Glad all are safe and the bike problems can be fixed.
    Maybe now you can enjoy some dry weather!

  7. Eke Brown says:

    Be careful riding in these heavily congested areas. The finish line is in sight. Ride safe, have fun, and keep spreading the message.

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