Day 19-Scott Ressmeyer


Getting close to the end. I’m in DC tonight, it’s late and ten of us are just coming in for the night. I’m sure a lot of you will think that we were all out going from one beer stop to the next, not tonight.

The day started like any of the other days that we have been on the road. One by one the cats start coming down with their bags of stuff. Most of them can make it in one trip, where it takes me about 4. We all pretty much have it down to a science now, on where to pack your stuff on your bike. After I count the cats and determine that they are all here, we start the morning briefing. Usually this consist of laughing at our selfs for the dumb things that we did the day before on the ride. To say that you need to have thick skin to ride with this bunch is an understatement.

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  1. Scott,
    It was so good to talk with you today and we are all looking forward to seeing you guys roll in tomorrow at Harley-Davidson of Macon. It has been a pleasure and honor to be a small part of your journey all these years! We are very proud of all you and what you have done for the children! You ALL are amazing!

  2. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    I am so proud of you guys!!!! That’s all I need to say.

  3. Scott Hill says:

    Be safe Scott! We can’t wait to see you all on Friday!! We are proud of all of our Miracle Riders. Thank you all for the amazing example you set!!

  4. James L says:

    Morning load-outs were always a pain, but at least it’s first thing in the morning. I hated carrying all the STUFF up the step to the rooms after a long days’ ride worse.

    Be safe – you’re in the home stretch!

  5. Roxann Suits says:

    I haven’t learned that science yet. I always over pack. Rochelle has tried to work with me in the past. I can’t imagine how tired all of you are at this point. Be careful out there!

  6. Sandra Langford says:

    21 days on the road, I can only imagine how you have it all down to a science as far as packing goes, As for the thick skin, that’s another thing 21 days requires! You are a good group with big hearts and nothing will change that.

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