I Love You Scott!!!-Brian Brock


Today started out wet and cold, ended HOT. Tim has been teaching us to find the gray zone on our bikes. It’s when you feel out of control but physics are at work. There were a few times today I did not find the gray zone, but I did find the brown zone. Water and curves don’t mix and a couple of times today there were curves that got my attention.

Those are serious words. I’m not comfortable saying them. It is a total commitment. No middle ground, it cannot be uttered lightly. I say it to Linda when I’ve been bad, or want to be bad. In high school it’s more lust than love. As you get older you understand the true meaning. To me, showing love is more important. Growing up we were not a touchey feely family. I knew Mom and Dad loved me. They showed me all the time. We just didn’t say it often. Don’t judge, it’s just how we operate. Nothing says I love you like making me go to bed at 5:00 PM Friday night so I could get up at 3:00 AM and go to Indy 500 qualifying.

When I met Linda it was a culture shock. They were huggers and kissers. I was very uncomfortable. Every cousin and aunt gave me a kiss. I learned, it’s OK…it’s how they operate.

Before we left I told each of my kids I love them. I show them. I hope Katie got the wedding she wanted…I love you…I take John to races…Bulldog games and concerts…I love you…Linda…where do I start…nothing says I love you like letting me do this ride for 3 years. One day I will make this up to you.

When we were in the hospital waiting for Brody, Scott came to the hospital. He smelled like barbecue, just before he left, he told me he loved me. Tonight when I gave him birthday cards from home he read them and got emotional. He asked how long I had them, I said a while. He again told me he loved me. At dinner tonight he just walked past and told me again. I get it. You have no idea the brotherhood that is created on this ride. Each of these guys are special to me, more than brothers. We have suffered the elements together, all to help people we may never meet.

When Scott walked into Grainger, he had no idea what he was walking into. I had no idea what I would get out of this experience. It truly is life changing. I am a Miracle Rider. I have experiences many would only dream of. I have been able to tell the story nationwide. I certainly hope one million dollars will make a difference.

Scott has left a mark on me that cannot be erased.


Today’s song of the day…Deep Elam Blues by Grateful Dead



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  1. Roxann Suits says:

    Brian, I cannot express the deep gratitude and love I have for you and what you did for Larry. The trip to Indy was priceless! Thank you for all you have done for Scott and the other Miracle Riders. You are one in a million!

  2. Sandra Langford says:

    We all love you, Brian! Great blog that shows the emotions involved in this fraternity you guys have. Great way to end the ride is by sharing the love.

  3. JONI says:


  4. Freda Brock says:


  5. Katie Brock says:

    My wedding was PERFECT! I love you too Dad! See you in Macon!

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