Day 21 Video

4 Responses to Day 21 Video

  1. Earlene says:

    Gary you did a terrific job of WOWING us here at home the entire 21 days… but this was the icing on the cake…tissue needed here..Thank you Gary for all the extra work and time put in to do this…this wife here very much appreciates it

  2. Mike Hamby says:

    Just watched day 21 video, Great job Gary. Very appropriate for this Memorial day as we Salute the fallen and say a heart felt thank you to those serving!

  3. Sandra Langford says:

    Great job, Gary!! you have a special talent to produce these videos and they add so much to those of us waiting at home. I will miss this next May.

  4. Freda Brock says:

    All I can say about this video is…AWESOME!
    Get the Kleenex ready. Listen closely to the song and also the message from the people.
    Great Gary McDowell…THANK YOU!

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