The Long and Winding Road-Mike Hamby

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One of my favorite Beatles songs is The Long and Winding Road, its a melancholy song. Today we ride in, and aside from being excited about reuniting with loved ones , there is an anxious feeling about the ride because there is no “next year”. Oh, there are ideas being tossed around about a ride to somewhere next year. But it can never be or compete with Scott’s Ride. It has been and will forever remain a unique experience. It is an experience i will treasure the memories for the rest of my life. I have made lifelong friends with men, that otherwise i would have never met. I am not by nature the kind of guy who would leave my “comfort zone”, on my own, and venture out like this. And so thank you Scott for drawing me to the “deeper waters”.

And as i said before, i am typical of most men when it comes to travel, point A to point B. Not so with Scott, its all about the journey. We joke among ourselves, 200 miles or 600 miles its still 12 to 13 hours of riding. I have learned so much from this man, who at the very mention of, things like, we wouldn’t be here if not for you, starts squirming and backpedeling trying to shift the attention somewhere else. He is by all accounts quite the eclectic? Is that a good way to describe Scott Ressmeyer. I believe so. After all he sees the world through a different set of lenses than the rest of us. And that’s what sets this ride off from anything else that will follow. So when my grandchildren ask me what is a Miracle Rider I will correct them and tell them, ” what are The Miracle Riders”. And i will tell them, they are like the winds that blow out of the Dakotas, and like the, majestic snow covered mountains of the Serria Nevadas in May, or the rugged beauty of the New England coast line. They are all of these things and just as any one of these features alone cannot describe America, it takes the Miracle Riders to exemplfy the group. And as an artist creates his masterpiece with many different colors, so Scott created the Miracle Riders. We are a  Brotherhood, of which i am proud to be a part of.

Thank you Scott.

8 Responses to The Long and Winding Road-Mike Hamby

  1. Kathy Hamby Hines says:

    Thats my Big brother. Mike Hamby is a cool guy. With a Big heart too. Kathy Hamby Hines.

  2. Roxann Suits says:

    Very heart felt, Mike. Glad you all are back safe and sound.

  3. melinda says:

    Hay u guess were at st.lukes hospital in sioux city and seen my daughter kira she was two weeks old I was wondering if u could email me a picture u guys took so I can have it plz so I can keep it for my baby girl

  4. Julie says:

    Wow . Great post. True dedication from fine men for a greater cause. The LIFE inside this ride will never die..

  5. JONI says:

    Mike thanks for the kinds words about the ride….you warm a Mom’s heart….but all the Riders have a huge part in its success and I thank you for being part of it.

  6. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    It is so bittersweet to see it come to a close. I am soooo thankful for you guys for making Scott’s Ride what it is!!!!!!

  7. Sandra (Cole) Haymaker says:

    Sorry that Fred and I missed the posse while in Winchester. Appreciated you all stopping here in the past. We have been vacationing in FL and GA. Enjoyed a great dinner on the balcony at Country’s on Mother’s Day. I know “Bro” James missed participating in the Miracles Ride this year. You guys are a wonderful dedicated group!! Riding for such a worthy cause. Would love to be there to help celebrate your heartwarming Homecoming tonight. I will end, saying “Another job well done. Hope you have a safe trip home. Love you all! Thanks, Sandra (Winchester, VA)

  8. Sandra Langford says:

    Really don’t know what to say. Mike, this really is a tribute to all the riders and the memory of the ride. So proud YOU were a part of it.

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