Final Blog- Gary McDowell


Still WOW – let me catch you up on a couple of WOWs.

Friday, May 15th – 2/3rds of the ride complete and we visit the CMN hospital in Sioux Falls.  It’s cloudy but no rain in the forecast but while we are in the hospital we get a nice little shower.  Great since all of us let our helmets upside down and coats and things laying out on the bikes with 570 miles still to go.  Martins way of telling us we are almost there but to remember to not let our guard down!  We was also bless to meet the sweetest and smartest CMN state champion ever.  WOW

Saturday, May 16th – ride to Cleveland and had to stop at a Harley shop on the way to pick up a donation from friends from Georgia.  1st WOW  People at the Harley shop told us of a good restaurant around the corner to eat.       While there we were greeted by a friend from Columbus whose daughter was graduating that day and they were having a party there.  2nd WOW for that day.

Sunday, May 17th – another 500 mile + day.  I need a beverage so I usually look for something local.  I find a Mostly Cloudy from Long Trail Brewing Company in Martin’s Mini Mart.  WOW

Monday, May 18th  – We find we have a lunch appointment. We meet Painted Rock Hog members from Columbus for lunch.  WOW  And go to Perewitz Cycle Fab for service.  Meet the fastest woman on a V Twin and get service at a famous cycle builders shop.  Make it to the hotel 1:30 am.  WOW

Tuesday, May 19th – Supper with a 30 year NICU graduate and visit to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.  Load 11 Miracle Riders in a Honda Odessay after a DC subway ride.  Laughing all the way & WOW,

Wednesday, May 20th – Loaded the bikes on a ferry and crossed the Potomac River.  WOW

Thursday, May 21st – Arrive Greenville, early for a change, celebrate Scott’s Birthday and have a wonderful last night’s supper together but realize it is the last ride supper.  SAD & WOW

Friday, May 22nd – Arrive in Macon on time to the largest crowd ever.  WOW  Arrive in Columbus to the largest crowd ever and find our total – $1,087,523.88  DOUBLE WOW

A big thanks to all that have helped us support the community and to our wives and families for supporting us through the years.  This has been a life event for me. It’s something we will never forget and I hope to be telling NICU graduates about it for years to come.  It’s still not too late to donate and it all goes to the children at Midtown Medical Center.

Now WOW – back to work!


2 Responses to Final Blog- Gary McDowell

  1. Tim Wynn says:

    I really enjoyed getting to ride with you You are an awesome person with a heart that is the size of planet earth. You are a special friend and it has been an honor. God Bless my friend.

  2. Julie says:

    Glad your back home but sorry you have to return to work so soon. Your video’s were great as usual. Your dedication to this ride and love for children are evident . Love you baby !!

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