Final Ride-Scott

Martin, Scott, Claire

Why do things have to come to an end? The last days of the ride were hard for me, not the physical part but the emotional side of it. I have been home now for a few days and it still weighs heavy on me. As I think back about the groups last dinner on the road, I can still hear the guys laughing and telling their versions of the stories on the road. Each one of them have such big hearts and that night it was full of pride. Sure we all know that fewer people have raised a lot more money and in a whole lot shorter time. The $1,087,000.00 which I’m sure will top 1,100,000.00 when its all said and done, is a decent amount of money for a bunch of biker dudes to raise. More importantly I think we accomplished something else. I feel like we touched the hearts of our Community and the people we came in contact with along the way. Each day I will have someone come up to me and thank me which I’m sure is the case for all the other rider as well. For each of us that is very hard to except. We are not the ones who need to be thanked. We are just the guys on the bike telling the story. The ones you need to give your thanks to are the countless people that work with the sick and injured kids throughout this whole country.

This still leaves the number one question unanswered. Why does it have to come to an end. I wish I knew. He was full of life the same as some of the other kids I have met along the way. Their stories somewhat the same but in the end they had the same outcome. Martin’s story is a little different. You see we met Martin on a tour thru the pediatrics oncology floor. Little did any of us know what kind of impact that would have on our lives. Martin was a rider, and I don’t mean just a miracle rider. He rode thru life Full throttle. I don’t think there was a person that he met that he didn’t touch their heart. Strength courage determination and dignity that’s the motto Martin lived by to the last day. Why did it have to come to an end? Was it so we could have a battle cry ( I got this ) or to have an angel riding over us to keep us all safe this last year. I don’t have the answer I wish I did, all that I have is this void in my heart but a smile on my face because that’s what Martin would expect of me. You will always ride with me because we never leave a rider behind. P.S. Martin, we¬†still ate a lot cussedd a bunch and had a few beers but I’m sure you already knew that.

Why does it have to come to an end? I guess we didn’t want it to get old and not be fun any more. Maybe we didn’t want to tempt fate too much and something happen to one of us. I guess it was better ending with us having a goal and reaching that goal. To go out on top so to speak. The ride had a life all its own. It worked because we never let our head get in the way of it. From the first ride to the last it was always driven from the heart. Did we make some wrong turns? Sure, but it was still and always will be about making a difference in one child’s life.

I know for sure we will all be together one more time to celebrate us all getting home. This has been a traditional thing we have done after each ride. I’m sure we will eat a lot, cuss some and drink a few beers. It is my time to thank each rider and the folks that do all the work to make the ride happen.

Why does it have to come to an end? I guess the simple answer is I don’t know. Things change, people move forward, I am at a loss and have a heavy heart. Some have told me the


Ultimate act of love is letting it go. I’m not sure if I believe that yet. I guess I will find my way. Know this, that I love you, and have enjoyed every mile.

Till we ride again


6 Responses to Final Ride-Scott

  1. Bertie says:

    Idiots attract idiots? Then what do smart people like you doing , commenting on her idiotic blog? and oh wait, dos;n&#39et that make you an idiot too? Get a life people, like seriously.

  2. Mike Hamby says:

    Great post Scott.
    Love u, mean it!

  3. Roxann Suits says:

    Totally agree with Julie. You guys have done an awesome service to the kids and your community and brought a great many people together for a common cause. You already know you have a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons, and so do the other guys.

  4. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    amen, ladies. I too have a heavy heart for so many reasons. It is always hard to move on. This ride touched me in so many ways I would need a book to describe it, and that’s just from the outside. Can you imagine the books from the guys! Thank you miracle riders, Martin and his family, my fellow wives, and the great community. We came together in such an amazing way. It’s been one hell of a ride !!!!!!

  5. Julie says:

    The goal was met but The Miracle Riders will never end. The life inside this ride will continue on
    through all of you . A great bunch of guys with big hearts riding for a greater cause..
    Love all of you !!

  6. Susan Edmundson says:

    How true! It has been an honor and a joy to have gotten to know each person associated with the “Miracle Ride”. We now have a very large extended family! We will get together in a couple of weeks to eat, laugh, and cry. This ride truly did take on a life of it’s own, had a life inside, and now we carry those who have gone on with us forever. I know I have enjoyed “my ride”!

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