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  1. Niki Yager says:

    What an amazing group of men the Miracle Riders are; they have strength of character, commitment, compassion and an unbelievable amount of selflessness. These men ride thousands of miles on Harleys and cover 48 states in 21 days…all at their own expense.
    Every penny collected goes to the Children’s Miracle hospitals and the children that they
    meet have become lasting and heart warming memories. Their special guardian angel
    rode with them this year and will see them home safely. I pray that God watches over
    the riders on the last part of their journey and bless them and their families. What an
    amazing group of men.

  2. Julie says:

    Now that was special. Miracle Riders singing Happy Birthday to Scott…

  3. Kenny Miller says:

    Well guys, you’re almost home! Ride safe and we’ll see y’all in Macon tomorrow.

  4. Sandra Langford says:

    Watch out, Gary!! Great job. That truck just drove right through.

  5. Sandra Langford says:

    Told you the weather would get better as you head farther south. So glad you guys get an early top tonight since it is Scott’s birthday. Enjoy! See you tomorrow.

  6. Julie says:

    Beautiful blue skys. I would love to be on the back of Gary’s bike..1 more day

  7. Sandra Langford says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTT!! Sorry it’s raining.

  8. Candy says:

    That looks like good sleep to me. He’s tired. Ya’ll play nice

  9. Roxann Suits says:

    Looks like ya’ll are on the ferry. I just tuned in.

  10. Candy says:


  11. Bruce Poulin says:

    Rommel Harley Davidson ( New Castle , DE )

  12. Roxann Suits says:

    Doesn’t look like a great day weather wise. Hope it clears up for ya.

  13. Bruce Poulin says:

    OH Boy Boston Traffic ( 95 Tunnel )

  14. Bruce Poulin says:

    Warrens Lobster House
    is very good ….. was just there this pass Friday

  15. Roxann Suits says:

    Looks like foggy and overcast weather for ya’ll today. Ride safe.

  16. Candy says:

    I love you daddy! I cant wait for you to be home!

  17. Julie says:

    Glad ya’ll are out of the rain

  18. Julie says:

    Yuck. Pouring rain.. Ride safe.. Love ya’ll

  19. Judy W says:

    How wonderful to see Anne today in her element at the hospital in Sioux City surrounded by all the Miracle Riders.

  20. Sandra Langford says:

    Scott, you may need to stop at Horsey Daycare.. Your pony looks a little matted and not fluffy anymore. Audio was off but looked like you all had a great visit at the hospital this morning. Ride safe and stay dry.

  21. Sandra Langford says:

    You guys have a crowd forming to watch you leave this morning. Good deal!

  22. Sandra Langford says:

    Sorry it is going to be a cold wet day. Ride safe, guys.

  23. Julie says:

    I see Scott watching them mirrors to make sure the rest have passed that truck.
    Ride safe

  24. Roxann Suits says:

    Looks like ya’ll may hit some rain today. I hope not. Ride safe.

  25. Rochelle says:

    saw the big hugs for Karen & Sandy. I know the gals will miss the riders. Hope it was more that you expected and loved every minute. Godspeed ladies, see ya in Columbus!!!!

  26. James L says:

    Coming up on mile marker 399 on Washington state highway 12 … and of course the video feed goes out.


  27. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Goooooo, Brad Hansen!!! So glad I got to see the take off with the music. I get so excited to hear yal’ll take off. Glad audio is up. Ride on and ride safe!

  28. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    up and at ’em. Going to meet Karen and Sandy! Can’t wait to see some video and photos of these two amazing ladies. Hope you have the time of your life!! We are so proud you are there witnessing your ride in action!! Love Ya!

  29. Eke Brown says:

    I am glad the sun is shining but it looks quite windy. Stay sharp, ride safe, have fun, and keep sharing the message.

  30. Sandra Langford says:

    Sunshine but according to Mike it’s cold today. Not the temperature that was predicted.

  31. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    love seeing the live feed up and blue skies. Ride On!

  32. kelley says:

    Loved getting to watch the footage of your morning routine. You guys truly symbolize what life is all about! Remembering to laugh no matter what is tossed your way- the bungee cord to hold on Scott’s helmet was priceless! The safety talk- Tim you made a lot of folks back home feel better! Finally, the words read from Rita the NICU nurse followed by a quick prayer- amazing footage of some amazing guys!

  33. James L says:

    What’s wrong with Gary’s bike, that he can’t fix?

  34. Julie says:

    For those that are wondering Gary’s having problems with his bike. Trying to make Flagstaff to dealership

  35. Rochelle says:

    looks like a beautiful day today. Ride safe and enjoy the journey.

  36. Julie says:

    Beautiful day. Your bike sounds like a sewing machine. Ride safe. Love you

  37. Roxann Suits says:

    Looks like ya’ll are loading up and it is a beautiful day!

  38. Gayle Tidwell says:

    Blue Skies. Hope it stays that way. Be Safe.

  39. Sandra Langford says:

    Scott, throwing your helmet at routeguy is not good! He could really mess you up enroute:-) And who really needs glasses? Not surprising that weather threw a few curves at you guys. Today should be much better.

  40. Roxann Suits says:

    I second Julie’s comment! What horrible conditions they had yesterday. Glad they are safe and sound. Hopefully nice weather today.

  41. Sandra Langford says:

    Coffee and water this morning, Tim and Scott. You both look tired with the yawns!! The weather should be better today!

  42. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Talked to Scott this morning. So, now he is even more unplugged than he usually is. All his connectivity is on his helmet. Thankful all you guys are there with him keeping him in the loop. ( if he listens, ha-ha). What a ride they had yesterday. He said it was freezing!!! Hoping for a little warmer today heading into Winslow. Stay safe guys.

  43. James says:

    So glad they made it there safely! Rough day, for certain.

  44. Julie says:

    Thank you Lord. They are there safe

  45. Susan Edmundson says:

    I know we wives will rest easier when they finally reach the hotel tonight! Not a good day to have been on a motor cycle! And with the live feed so sporadic, it doesn’t help! We love you all!

  46. Sandra Langford says:

    This will not go down as one of their favorite days, for sure. At lunchtime Mike complained about how dirty his bike was and that it wasn’t over yet. Don’t know what he will do with all his time next year as planning the route is a year around thing with him.

  47. Eke Brown says:

    I hate they are riding in such terrible weather. The area where they are riding is some of the beautiful in the world.

  48. Roxann Suits says:

    What horrible weather conditions! I know they are being careful, but it looks scary.

    • Freda Brock says:

      Roxann it looks scary to me too. Wish I could tear myself away from watching but just can’t. Live feed went off just now and makes me more nervous than watching. We will pray them the rest of the way to Durango.

  49. Julie says:

    Talking to Gary on the phone and it is snowing on them. Wish the live feed was working..

  50. Roxann Suits says:

    Kudos to Mike Langford for the awesome job he does planning there route. That can’t be an easy job. For the two “Wrong Way” sister’s, Rochelle and I, we couldn’t find our way out of a paper bag! lol

  51. Rochelle says:

    Is that Martin’s challenge shirt I see. You guys are gonna get that done! I’m sure he is reminding you to get those signatures and get that money. Go guys !!!!!

  52. Roxann Suits says:

    Sheriff Jolley politicking with some local cops.

  53. Sandra Langford says:

    They have been moving the camera around for those who aren’t as lucky as Rochelle and me..

  54. Roxann Suits says:

    Interesting “spy cam” of Kevin eating lunch and Mike Hamby playing on his phone!

  55. Julie says:

    It’s a hoot listening to these guys.

  56. Julie says:

    Coffee and hot chocolate. You know they must be cold !!!

  57. Roxann Suits says:

    Ustream must be down this morning.

  58. Roxann Suits says:

    Be safe, guys. I hear it is going to be a rainy ride today.

  59. Julie says:

    Love you guys. Ride safe on this wet morning

  60. Sandra Langford says:

    Early morning with 12 hours of driving to do. Be safe guys!

  61. Sandra Langford says:

    Tears were shed but also there were smiles. Emily and Pastor Bradford did a wonderful job of reminding us how Martin was always a joker! Thanks Scott and guys for being there.

    • Judy Thomas says:

      Today I had the honor to sit with Rochelle Ressmeyer, Roxanne Suits, Karen Tennent, and Sandra Langford at the service for Martin. One of the things the pastor remarked on was the huge impact Martain had on our community. We are definitely better because he came our way.

  62. Roxann Suits says:

    Today was Martin’s funeral. Miracle rider, Mark Alexander, was able to Skype Scott and the guys out in Oklahoma and put them on the screen at the church. Scott did great with his eulogy. Martin will be missed.

  63. Country's Crew says:

    Martin, his family, and you guys are in our hearts today. We are smiling for Martin today!

  64. Sandra Langford says:

    Howard R. they each have positions to ride. On occasion with no traffic, Gary will move back in other lane to catch the other riders. They better listen to Tim regarding safety!

  65. Rochelle says:

    oh no a toll booth. Ride safe and so glad to hear you guys following Tim’s guidance.

  66. Roxann says:

    Thank you for the honor of putting Larry on the soccer field. He was proud to call ya’ll brothers.

  67. Sandra Langford says:

    The guys would not even think of missing the soccer field, Jan. It’s family.

  68. Jan says:

    Thank you Miracle Riders in Joplin. You warmed this mother’s heart to see you all at the soccer field. God Bless you all.

  69. Howard R. says:

    Like to see the bike with the live video feed drop to the rear a few times so we could see all the riders.

  70. Roxann Suits says:

    Scott has been sending me pictures of the guys putting Larry in his final resting places. This brings everything full circle for me and my family. These are an awesome bunch of guys!

  71. Rochelle says:

    What a first day for sure. So much emotion and love for what these guys do. I felt Martin’s presence yesterday the minute I saw his Dad. All his love was there with them, holding up a community that loved him so. Ride on Martin and the Miracle Riders. Your name speaks volumes. What Miracle you are!!!!!!

  72. Carrie Clark says:

    You Riders, Martin, his family, Karen, and everyone at CMN are heavy on my heart and I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to say. And then “This Little Light of Mine” came on the radio. Thank you, and Martin most of all, for shining your light to inspire the world and remind us that love really does make all the difference. God speed, Gentlemen! See you soon! 🙂

  73. Sandra Langford says:

    Yes, Susan, it was a bittersweet morning. Tears were shed and words of encouragement were spoken. Martin would want the guys to complete the mission for the benefit of CMN-he was that type of young man. His smile was evident this morning as the riders left on a beautiful sunshiny day! He is riding with them with a smile as big as his heart!!

  74. Susan Dorough says:

    That was a quicky in Florida just now, BOYS! But I guess y’all ain’t there for the Sunshine today are you? Keep them bikes a rollin! Praying for happy trails!

  75. Susan Dorough says:

    I keep thinking about how your hearts must feel this morning and thought this song is fitting of the day you are leaving on your final Scott’s Ride for Miracles! Wish you were here, Martin Thiele!

  76. Susan Dorough says:

    I know it is a bittersweet morning for all of the Miracle Riders and your families! Praying that God will heal the broken hearts and bring the joy of sharing LIFE that Martin so gracefully demonstrated to all of us! Ride safe trails, my friends!
    Susan Dorough
    Fitzgerald, GA

  77. Susan Dorough says:

    Home, Sweet Home!! Thank You Lord for answering our prayers to keep these men safe and bring them home to their families! Amen

  78. Peter Harrington says:

    Ride safe and take it home guys!!! Thank you all for what you all do!!

  79. Susan Dorough says:

    Fun watching them on roads I have been on before! YAY for making it to Macon!

  80. Susan Dorough says:

    They are playing a very appropriate song on the feed right now! The Boys Are Back In Town! Won’t be long now, Miracle Rider families! I know you are all excited about your boys being back in town! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you tonight! Even though we only know Gary McDowell personally, I feel like I know all of you a little bit by following your ride every day for the last 4 years! It has been such a blessing to see all that you do to help others! Enjoy your homecoming! It will be a great time in the ole town tonight!

  81. Rochelle says:

    waiting for the live feed one last time in 2014. All the wives are getting ready, can’t get anything done, too much energy flowing to do anything but pace. So much anticipation.
    Seeing and hugging the guys, watching their brotherhood together as they come off a long, dusty trail (love that part). Watching them gather together, one last time, give a safety brief, have a prayer, mount up to greet our great people of Columbus, Phenix City and await the reason that they ride. THE BIG BUCKS FOR THE KIDS! God speed, gentlemen and take your bow!

  82. Cat Kinney says:

    It was great meeting all of you last night, and of course, surprising my old man. Thank you Scott for the amazing meal. You truly have a giving heart! Get my dad home safe!

  83. Sandra Langford says:

    Notice how the conversation volume goes down when food is near?

  84. JT says:

    This is one of the best rides I’ve seen ya’ll take. Reading ya’ll’s post made me fill like I know everyone of ya’ll. Thank ya’ll for what ya’ll are doing. There are a whole lot of kids that will be better off because of you guys. Enjoy the last day before ya’ll come home. My computer don’t like the word ya’ll including the one with a ‘s. I wanted to underline them myself, but it did it without me trying. What tech. has come to. Be safe and ride with the wind. Thanks JT

  85. Roxann says:

    Wish Larry and I could be there to meet you in Macon! Will be glad to have you back home.

  86. Jan Hansen says:

    Congratulations, guys! 48 states! Enjoy the evening, get some rest and then come on home tomorrow! Can’t wait to see all of you!

  87. Julie says:

    Country roads, take me home to the place where I belong
    West Virginia, mountain momma.
    Country roads take me home !!!!

  88. Susan Dorough says:

    Do those motor scooters look like they are running a little faster down through the Kentucky hills? They remind me of race horses when you turn them loose and they run as fast as they can back to the barn! Ride ’em like you stole ’em, guys! You are gonna see your Georgia and Alabama sunshine in the morning!!

  89. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    getting really excited! it’s getting close. Good to see where you are and home from one view of the map. Ya’ll ride safe.

  90. Karen Tennant says:

    Glad Cody made it safely! Ya’ll have fun and see you soon!

  91. Jan Hansen says:

    What a welcome! And there is Cody! You are almost home, guys. Get a good rest this evening and travel home safely. See you in a couple of days.

  92. Larry L. says:

    Thats the way to ride with the blue lights out front !

  93. Karen Cook says:

    A police escort into Charleston, WV? Too Cool!

  94. Susan Edmundson says:

    Iss that a Police Escort? Awesome!

  95. Karen Tennant says:

    Happy Birthday Scott!!! What a great mission you started, you have touched so many lives. I hope on this day you can take a moment to just enjoy the day and let it be about you for a bit.

  96. Gayle Tidwell says:

    Yes. Same problem here. Sound in and out not picture.

  97. Susan Dorough says:

    Are any of the Miracle Ride followers having problems seeing the Ustream today? I am getting sound but no picture!

  98. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Scott has two bright rainsuits, one fluorescent green and one orange. He likes black. What ya’ll need to do is get on to him, not that it will do much good. That looks like horrible weather and horrible traffic. God speed, guys!
    Had a great time with Karen(CRHS) and some of the riders wives at Chilli’s. It stands to reason that such special guys would have special wives! Ya’ll are great. Good to get to know them.

  99. Sandra Langford says:

    We need to buy Scott one of the new rainsuits. They are more reflective and visible in this kind of weather.

  100. Sandra Langford says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTT! Couldn’t sing it as well as the riders just did but the sentiment is there. Be careful today!!

  101. Susan Dorough says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Scott Ressmeyer! We hope you enjoy a spectacular ride today with no bumps in your roads!

  102. Sandra Langford says:

    Did they drop spot/ It showeed they were not on the bypass when they arrived at the hotel. Talk about time lapse!

  103. Susan Dorough says:

    Everybody, let’s say special prayers for the Miracle Riders this afternoon! I’ve been watching as they are approaching Queens and New York City in 5 o’clock traffic! Asking angels to be riding with them now and keeping them safe from ALL HARM, not just the crazy New York City drivers!

  104. Jan Hansen says:

    That looks like fun – walking your bikes through New York City!

  105. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    The scenery is so different on the east coast. Ya’ll hunker down in the big cities. looking forward to seeing ya’ll on Friday. Ride safe!

  106. Debralyn McNeil says:

    Sirius XM Margaritaville Radio is playing “Three More Days” by Ray LaMontagne! “Three more days, Mama, you know I’m coming home…gonna bring it on home….how appropriate! Woot! Woot!

  107. Sandra Langford says:

    Did Bradget promoted again?? Sorry, Brad. But ML probably isn’t happy either.

  108. Sandra Langford says:

    If you’ve never seen a vertical cooker, that is one. Neat place to visit. Louie’s Lunchroom or something to that effect. Enjoy guys!

  109. Debralyn McNeil says:

    So ready for those road signs to read N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia!!!! If hubby goes next year, I am going to be a stowaway on his bike…..working on my flexibility and contortionist skills now….ride safe, guys! #scottsride

  110. kelley says:

    Loved the terminology at breakfast one of you guys mentioned. Southern Romeo’s is a great way to describe you guys! Yep we love when sound is on!

  111. Sandra Langford says:

    How many Harley riders does it take to start a Honda? LOL. You made their day this morning, Steve T.

  112. Jan Hansen says:

    It’s kinda fun to watch the guys put the video together for tomorrow’s blog! The video is done, and now the “music team” is putting the music to it! Cool!

  113. Sandra Langford says:

    We all hear the conversations when the audio is on. Don’t you think. How wonderful for the kids to make the placemats for you. So appropriate!!

  114. Eke Brown says:

    Gathering the scattered cats at each toll booth looks like a tough thing to do in these high traffic areas. Ride safe and you scattered cats find your leader quickly so you don’t get lost!

  115. Susan Dorough says:

    Get your motors running! Head out on the highways! Looking for adventure in whatever comes your way! These guys are living the lyrics! But, as much fun as they are having, their hearts are still drawn to those tiny, helpless infants in the hospital who need the help that the Children’s Miracle Network provides for them and their families! That is the real reason they make this BORN TO BE WILD journey through 48 states each year! Please do your part to help in whatever way you can by donating to CMN and keep these men in your prayers until they return to Columbus, GA, on May 23! God bless you, Scott Ressmeyer, Gary McDowell and all of the other Miracle Riders past and present!!

  116. Sandra Langford says:

    Back to the east coast and the land of tollroads. LOL. I noticed you all having to wake them up. Ahhhh, the fun of interstates in the east:-)

  117. Judy Thomas says:

    Thank goodness they’re out of that Chicago traffic! I was about to chew my fingernails off. But, boy! What teamwork to get all 15 of them through the city traffic and back on an open road. Good job all around!

  118. Roxann Suits says:

    Larry has said the worst riding is in Chicago, New York and Boston. I have driven in Boston and it was scary!

  119. Susan Dorough says:

    These Georgia Iron Cowboys are not shy about asking for donations for CMN at the eatery where they are having lunch Chicago today! Hearing Gary McDowell say that they have already covered 28 states, 6000 miles and have 3000 more miles to go, sounds like an impossible accomplishment! Hearing him say they will be back in Columbus, GA, on Friday, PRICELESS! Have a Miracle Day, Riders!

  120. Larry L. says:

    Heck they might still be in Wi., but you get the idea.

  121. Larry L. says:

    Soo many pot holes there in IL. your cant even dodge all of them !!

  122. Sandra Langford says:

    audio that is.. Don’t know how to correct.

  123. Sandra Langford says:

    You wives crack me up. Yes I can see you waving and listerning for William Tell Overture each day. Been there and done that!! Wish I had this connected to my wide screen tv so I could work and see the feed. It is hard to get anything done when they are on. Miss the sounds when sudio is not on also.

  124. Dan says:

    I’m guessing you will cross my home state of Pa. via I90 today or tomorrow. What you’re doing is simply amazing! Ride safe!

  125. Eke Brown says:

    Those are some rough looking roads in Wisconsin. You can tell the winters up there take a harsh toll on their roads. The riders will tired backs, sore butts, and droopy arms when they get in tonight. All of us who are following them need to say a specific prayer for them tonight for good rest, refreshed bodies, and quick minds as they head out in the morning. Ride safe and share the message.

  126. Susan Dorough says:

    It appears that The Miracle Riders are heading toward some dark clouds on the Wisconsin horizon! Praying they will find a safe haven to rest for the night before the storm blows in off that big lake! You are some of the most amazing gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure to call my friends! The selflessness that you portray is rare in our fast paced society where most folks look out for themselves first and rarely ask what they can do for their fellow man, woman or child! Your examples of giving go far beyond finances! Your gifts are from your hearts and it shows every day as we watch you ride!

  127. Deacon Dan James says:

    Greetings riders!

    I have been following this event and I just wanted to say Godspeed to all of you! I’ve owned 9 bikes, been in 29 states and have about 350,000 miles behind me, so I know a bit about the open road. 450 miles in a day is usually not a big deal, but to do that for 21 days in a row is amazing. Couple that with your mission and all of you are truly doing the Lord’s work. May our loving God keep you safe and return you to the arms of your loved ones. Ride on, the road calls! Blessings+, Deacon Dan James

  128. Jan Hansen says:

    It sure is good to see Leatherwood and Langford back in the group! Still missing Mike C., but at least the rest of the group is together again!

  129. Anne Holmes says:

    I’m laying here in bed with tears in my eyes—sad for me that I can’t be there with you but so filled with joy about the work you are doing. I am watching you now stand around that baby’s bed in the NICU and the size of your hearts and the magnitude of your mission never cease to amaze me. This is a neat treat for UnityPoint Health-St. Luke’s, and since I heard you talking smack about me on UStream, I know I’ll see you next year. May is for Miracles!

  130. Jan Hansen says:

    Judy – I just talked to Brad and he said that Mike and James are on the interstate heading straight for Sioux City. The rest of the group will wind their way to Sioux City (gotta hit all the states!) and they will meet up at the hotel this evening. Watch Spot tracker and Ustream. I told them to be sure to keep the video rolling for the reunion. I will be so glad when they are back together!

  131. Judy Thomas says:

    Have Mike and James caught up with the guys yet?

  132. Roxann Suits says:

    Letting Larry listen to the rumble and roar!

  133. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    All I got to say is it must be a rookie wife moment. lol

  134. Gayle Tidwell says:

    Well I must have senior moments because I wave at any of them that wave like they are waving at me and I know they are waving to someone else. lol. To be honest…… I even talk to them like they can hear me. oh well…..

  135. Karen Tennant says:

    So I get the dumb blond award, just waved back to my husband like he could see me 🙂

    • Debralyn McNeil says:

      Karen, you are not alone. My hubby and I face-timed last night and I had to stop myself from reaching out to touch his face….heavy, heavy sigh…

  136. Jan Hansen says:

    I know Brad is playing the William Tell Overture (aka: The Lone Ranger theme) every day as they get on the bikes. But today, I actually heard it on Ustream. sigh………
    Brian – why can’t you play “Born to be Wild” ? (get your motors running………..head out on the highway!)

  137. Mike Frank says:

    Watching you all ride through the Black Hills brings a lot of mixed emotions! JoLynn and I went to college at Chadron State College in the panhandle of Nebraska. Trips to Rapid City to eat, shop, or hang out were common, especially for special occasions.

    I love to watch you all ride through, but it’s killing me to not be there!!

    Just shut it off Mike… gotta get back to work… maybe just a few more minutes?

  138. Susan Dorough says:

    Watching the guys mounting up on their iron horses and getting ready to move ’em out! Have another great day on the road and stay safe! God bless you with new adventures and new friends! Thanks for sharing your time and opening your hearts to us and so many people throughout this great land!

  139. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    thanks, Debralynn, We are truely one big family and we always draw each other near and hold on tight. We are holding our miracles riders close as they open their hearts to new people. I feel closer and closer to this ride with every trip. The Miracle Riders are a MIracle. Thanks for bringing awareness to so many joys of being human when you just believe and open your heart.

  140. Cathy Hodge says:

    God speed and prayers for a safe return for all the riders. Loving all the videos of Martin’s smile. Mike Cunningham glad you are coming home well.
    Hugs! Cathy

  141. Susan Dorough says:

    I love your post, Debralyn McNeil! Hope you don’t mind if I share your inspiring words on my Facebook page!

  142. Mike Frank says:

    Sheriff, you trying to get flags for the rookies?! You know they need to get their own.

  143. Debralyn McNeil says:

    Thanks, Arlene Holmes, for spreading the word and thanks to Tom, Marlene, Kim and others in Montana for greeting the guys so warmly. Thanks, Scott, for being so flexible and gracious to the folks cheering y’all on. I miss my husband terribly but am so happy he is getting to experience this adventure with these great guys meeting these wonderful folks and doing it all for the kids.

  144. Debralyn McNeil says:

    It occurs to me that we are all just family….some we have met, some we may not meet in this lifetime but we are all family. Love binds us all together in this small, beautiful world. God’s blessings upon us all.

  145. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    love seeing ya’ll meeting the people!

  146. Travis Armentrout says:

    Martin, I know that you seen some of the most beautiful parts of this great country, and to be quite frank with you, I’m jealous! Lol!!! I really hope that you enjoyed your ride today. You were on my mind, and in my prayers today. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow and hearing all about it.

  147. whitney countrys office says:


  148. Karen Cook says:

    This is magic! Watching Martin ride is a treat beyond anything I could have imagined!

  149. Susan Dorough says:

    Hoping the Miracle Riders and their Angel Rider don’t run in to the snow in Idaho and Montana before they stop for the night! God keep Your hands on each of them and give them Your protection for their journey!

  150. Kelley says:

    So cool getting to watch ALL the Miracle riders together! What a beautiful area I hope to one day visit. Keep them straight Martin!

  151. Duck says:

    Martin looks good on the back of that bike, Enjoy your ride Martin.

  152. Jan Hansen says:

    I swear……..I can’t get ANYTHING done! I am addicted to the Ustream! Enjoy your ride today, Martin! We are all cheering you along the way!

  153. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    hey everyone, please light up this blog as Martin saddles up and begins his journey. I know he will love hearing from everyone.

  154. Chris Thiele says:

    Martin, enjoy your dinner with the guys tonight and enjoy your ride with them tomorrow. We all love you!

  155. Sandra Langford says:

    I see cholesterol levels climbing today. Sheriff Jolley, don’t forget Bear is sworn in.

  156. Laura B says:

    Woo hoo – Go Martin!

  157. Roxann Suits says:

    Great sound today but no picture. I let Larry listen to the rumble for a while.

  158. Susan Dorough says:

    Hey Julie, If you and the Miracle Rider wives are going to the west coast next year, can you take a Georgia Magnolia with you as a chaperon and MAKE A WISH come true? Scott’s Ride For Miracles is truly an event of many miracles every year! God bless the Riders, their families and all of the support people it takes to help this dream come true every year! Happy Mother’s Day for all of the wives and to the mothers whose children need the medical help provided by the Children’s Miracle Network!

  159. Julie says:

    Sitting here watching and so wishing I was on the back of that bike with Gary. Maybe next year we should meet them out there. Love and miss you baby. Ride safe..

  160. Roxann Suits says:

    Looks like a nice restaurant. Can’t believe they let ya’ll in. lol

    • Sandra Langford says:

      It is a nice place Roxann. Mike and I ate there before and as i told Susan, Mike remembers restaurants. I alsowonder what is going through the minds of the staff when they walk in, especially when they ask for 16 or more checks!!!

  161. Rochelle says:

    what beautiful scenery. Wish I was there riding. Looks like a great day. I’m sure ya’ll are having a memorable ride today. Be safe!

  162. Roxann Suits says:

    I am loving the gorgeous scenery. I let Larry hear the tumble of the bikes as you were leaving this morning! Ride safe, guys!

    • Sandra Langford says:

      Beautiful. I know you are loving every mile of todays ride with the curves and scenery. Wish I were behind you, but then where would Gary be? Great video Gary!!

  163. Leeanna Clark says:

    watching you guys this morning….ride safe!!!! So awesome to be able to experience what you see as you see it…thank you for doing this

  164. JUdy Thomas says:

    Sometimes we have sound and sometimes we don’t. Can anyone tell me why? Especially when the guys stop I enjoy hearing their banter.

    • debralyn mcneil says:

      Sorry, Judy Thomas…I accidentally clicked report comment rather than reply…..oh, Lord. It seems so strange that it is almost 930 pm here and the guys are still riding in sunlight on the left coast…mind blown.

  165. Julie says:

    Glad you finally put that camera down so I could see you.
    Love Brad’s song

  166. Susan Dorough says:

    It’s dark in Georgia, but I’m glad the Riders still have daylight for the remainder of their trip to Reno for the evening. It looks like you will all be needing a lot of rest after a long hard trail today! Might need to wash off some salt from your travels today too, I bet! Rest well, and may the Lord continue to guide you safely through this great land!

  167. Eke Brown says:

    Those clouds in western Nevada look ominous. Hope the weather holds until you get to Reno.

  168. MACK MORROW JR says:

    This is a very impressive thing and the group of you in dusters look like the real deal. Stay safe and have a great trip. Mack

  169. Country's office Crew says:

    Hey we are sneeking a peek while yall are at the Salt Flats. Looks like y’all are getting more attention than the salt flats! Whitney is waiting for the footage of someone licking the salt!

    Hope the bike troubles are small. Never a good sign when a seat is off and a bunch of guys gathered around a bike. Stay safe.

  170. Susan Dorough says:

    Maybe that radio station they were playing and didn’t know it yesterday has them cautious about turning on the sound today! He-ha-he-ha!!

    So, Mr. Scott will celebrate his birthday again on May 21 before you guys come back! We will have to plan some special posts for his birthday this year!!

  171. Gayle Tidwell says:

    I have had sound off and on. I know with Ken’s camera’s if it is in the waterproof box it does not pick up sound. That may be the reason not sure. I had sound earlier when they were eating for a while anyway. Love this feed. Could watch all day but boss won’t let me. Keep up the great work guys and be safe.

  172. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    I’m not getting any sound either and my speakers are working.

  173. Roxann Suits says:

    Does everyone have sound on UStream? I don’t have any and the speakers are working. Was trying to get the “rumble” for Larry hoping to get him to wake up.

  174. Julie says:

    Breakfast looks good

  175. Roxann Suits says:

    Haven’t had any sound on U-Stream for two days. Anything wrong.

  176. Roxann Suits says:

    I see you are on the side of the road. Bike problems or break time?

  177. Larry L. says:

    That picture of Ronnie standing with his new bike and empty pockets is PRICELESS !

  178. Pat Carpenter says:

    Not being part of this years ride is hard but being away from Columbus and everyone involved really lets me know how much Columbus was a part of my life. It will always be in my heart.

  179. vernon griggs says:

    You guys are rocking and rolling may the angels encamp around yall thru the whole way and bring yall back safe traveling mercy on the steel horses no mechanical problems

  180. Cindy Jolley says:

    Praying for Larry during his surgery and that he will have a speedy recovery.

  181. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    I love catching the meal videos. I’m at work and keep the live feed minmized so I can bring it up in a flash, but I have no sound so I know I’m missing some good conversation. Hard to be a fly on the wall with no ears. ha ha
    ride safe, guys

  182. Roxann Suits says:

    Can’t say enough about the live stream. Mom, Elizabeth and I are up at the hospital and it is entertaining us.

  183. Roxann Suits says:

    Thank you guys so much for the blessing for Larry this morning. It is 8:35 and they just got started with the surgery. He has been really following you guys and actually commenting! He has shown all the nurses and the doc who is assisting this morning the website and live feed. Keep him in your prayers and I will keep you posted.
    Big hugs,

  184. Roxann Suits says:

    Missed seeing a lot of the happenings. The band is on UStream right now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful time! Looking forward to the stories from the wives when they get home!

  185. Cindy Jolley says:

    So much joy ahead for the riders and the community made up of wonderful real people. The kind of people who love others …. first, not with what’s left but first of all. The Spirit of peace and assurance passing through to reach others, not based on income, nationality, only because we are all children of God. God uses the smallest of things and to see HIM in the seed of hope and love, with the calm in the assurance that all things pass through God’s hands and no one loves us more than He. So, the best is yet to come.

  186. Susan Dorough says:

    Thanks for the waves on the live feed! It thrills my heart to see my friends happy and enjoying their party in Joplin!

  187. Susan Dorough says:

    Enjoying watching Gary and Julie and all of the Miracle Riders and the ladies who went to join them in Joplin today! What a great celebration of life! May God bless you with joy and peace today! Thank you for caring for others and showing us all what that means from your hearts!

  188. Larry L. says:

    Keep that Mic on while you ride its make the U-Stream experience that much more enjoyable! Keep up the good work, see you’ll in Macon in a couple of weeks.

  189. Karen Cook says:

    So fun! Mealtimes might be my favorite. Thanks Ronnie for letting me give you so much grief yesterday! 🙂

  190. Larry Suits says:

    GOT to see you off Friday on the news. Miss not being on the ride this year.I know that this will be a great trip for all of you.I will try to keep up with you,as soon as get back home. Enjoy your time together ride safe.

  191. carrie standridge says:

    Looking good guys! Hope you have an awesome day!

  192. Cathy Stinson says:

    Glad y’all had such a great first day, hope everyone has a safe and fun ride today ! Love what you guys are riding for and so does the community at uptown last night the ride was all the talk! Karen and Martin went on stage on the crowd went wild! Stay safe !

  193. Julie says:

    Loving watching the live feed. See you guys tomorrow. Ride safe. Love ya’ll

  194. Karen Cook says:

    Sun on your back this morning! So fun to watch! Ride Safe Miracle Men!

  195. Rochelle says:

    Hey Peter! So glad to see u following.
    Jan & I are in Joplin anxiously waiting to see the miracle riders ride in.
    We have the live feed up and running following just like e everyone. Susan,Sandra,Julie and Debra Lynn will be joining us later today.

  196. Peter Harrington says:

    Watching you all riding live from Germany. Wishing you all a safe and great adventure!! HOOAH!!

  197. Cathy says:

    Love the live feed! Makes everyone realize all the miles and all the FUN you are having for such a great cause.

  198. Roxann Suits says:

    Hope you guys had an awesome ride today. The ceremony at Midtown Medical Center was fantastic as always. Ride safe!

  199. Kelley says:

    So cool getting to watch all the guys in action! Great sendoff once again. Looking forward to stalking you the next 21 days!

    • debralyn mcneil says:

      My husband, David McNeil, is one of the riders this year…this morning’s send off was so touching and sweet….I am so proud of my hubby and all the riders…good men with hearts of gold….It is great that we can watch the live video. God bless and be safe!

  200. carrie standridge says:

    Woohoo!! Mississippi! Love watching you guys on the road!

  201. Cathy Stinson says:

    Why don’t you have sound?

  202. Susan, Bill and Broughty Dorough says:

    I have been watching the live feed from your bike this morning, Gary McDowell! How exciting knowing you will be leaving in 20 mins. for your 4th consecutive Miracle Ride! We admire the dedication you and all 16 Miracle Riders have to this worthy cause! May God bless you and keep you safe on your journey and may those who see you on the trail give from their hearts like you are doing! We love you, Sir Gary!

    • Susan, Bill and Broughty Dorough says:

      Sending love and prayers for day 2 for the Miracle Riders!! I love watching your trail experiences and feeling like I am riding along with you!

  203. Rick Brown says:

    That was an awesome ending to an awesome ride! Thank you for sharing the ride with all of us! I enjoyed every hour that I watched. I hope to join you in the future on this wonderful venture for a fantastic cause. God Bless You!

  204. Sandra Langford says:

    How cute and so funny-roasting marshmellows. You guys don’t cut anyone slack at all! See you all soon.

  205. tanya eckel says:

    Almost home dad. I sure am excited!! only one more day. GO DADDY GO!

  206. watson mckemie says:


  207. Mike Hamby says:

    The Flag ceremony was a real honor for the Miracle Riders, we truely live in a great Country. Its a real shame that there is more Honor in 12 Miracle Riders than in the combined 535 seats of both Houses, and the White House. I’m sorry to say this but it is true. The Private sector the Citizens of this Great Country are what make it Great! I’m just sayin’.Karen, you looked great today, and if you decide this should not get posted I will understand, but at least I got it off my sholders.

  208. Anne A. Price says:

    Sorry I missed you receiving the flag. I was at work and no computer was available. Thanks for all you are doing. I am sorry I will not be able to welcome you all home on Friday in Columbus, but I don’t drive at night. God bless you all for what you are doing and what you have done!

  209. Eke Brown says:

    I missed them at the US Capitol. Is there any way to see that footage? I have enjoyed the live stream and the daily videos. It allows those of us unable to go to see some of what you see. Ride safe.

  210. Kelley says:

    It was great watching you guys get presented the flag in DC. What a neat honor! Be safe and see you in a few days.

  211. Roxann Suits says:

    My earlier post did not show up, but I wanted to say how proud I was of all of you guys! It was amazing to see you on the steps of our Capitol Building and receiving the flag. It is so powerful that this ride has brought so much recognition for the children and the ride all across the USA! Woo, hoo!!

  212. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Good to see mother hen with her flock!, Go Karen!
    Now set those guys on those steel horses, point em south, I know they can smell the barn!

  213. Yamaharley (Mike Frank) says:

    Nice yellow Harleys you got there. Good job guys! That was awesome. Almost home!

  214. Mike Hamby says:

    Wow, Karen has a twin in DC.

  215. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Now this is exciting, hope everyone is catching this. I am so proud of you guys. My Boss is letting us all keep u stream up. thanks to the Docs at Rivertown Dental Care, They also were sponsors on the shirt.

  216. Jan says:

    So incredibly PROUD of our Miracle Riders today! You guys are awesome! Now come home safely! Can’t wait to see you on Friday!

  217. David McNeil says:

    Happy birthday Scott.

  218. Diane says:

    Happy Birthday! Ride safe.

  219. Yamaharley (Mike Frank) says:

    Happy Birthday Scott!!

  220. Roxann Suits says:

    Happy Birthday, Bro!

  221. Cathy Stinson says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Cindy S. says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  223. Jan says:


  224. Sandra Langford says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTT!!!! Hope you have a great time today.

  225. Robert & Santrina Bowles says:

    Just wishing you Good Luck!



  227. Roxann Suits says:

    Didn’t know you were visiting another Grainger’s. Awesome! Nice to be done riding at 2:30 p.m.

    • Freda Brock says:

      I didn’t know they were visiting another Grainger plant either. Was it on live video? I was out for a long walk on this beautiful day. Glad to hear they are stopping early tonight.

  228. Karen Cook says:

    More traffic?!?!?!?!

  229. Larry L. says:

    Ooooooo, what a nasty day

  230. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    UH OH! rain. ride safe, great video though. Love you guys working the crowd, wherever the crowd may be.

  231. Kelley says:

    Hey guys,
    Looks like you finally landed. Wow what a long day! I know it had to be tough for you guys to be stuck in the traffic jam and I hate the thought that it was caused by a wreck where someone possibly got hurt. That does bring back to mind the reason you guys are doing this. You never know when you or a loved one may end up at the hospital and you sure hope if that happens the hospital staff has everything they need to treat you.

    It was funny to watch what looked like people coming over to your bikes while you told your story in the middle of the interstate! No waste of time for you guys! Keep up the great work!

  232. Kelley says:

    Hey guys,

    Looks like you finally landed. Wow what a long day! I know it had to be tough for you guys to be stuck in the traffic jam and I hate the thought that it was caused by a wreck where someone possibly got hurt. That does bring back to mind the reason you guys are doing this. You never know when you or a loved one may end up at the hospital and you sure hope if that happens the hospital staff has everything they need to treat you.

    It was funny to watch what looked like people coming over to your bikes while you told your story in the middle of the interstate! No waste of time for you guys! Keep up the great work!

  233. Rick Brown says:

    Anyone know what kind of camera and uploading setup he is using for the live videos?

  234. Joni says:


  235. Roxann Suits says:

    Nothing like a party on the interstate!

  236. Yamaharley (Mike Frank) says:

    Never a good thing when you are on the interstate and the spot drops 5 markers in the same exact place! I hope Karen wasn’t watching when traffic started to move again… it looked a little dicey on video.

  237. Larry L. says:

    Nothing like taking a break in the middle of an interstate !

  238. tanya eckel says:

    That was very cute dad! I love you. GO DADDY GO!

  239. Roxann Suits says:

    Fantastic visit to Grainger this morning! Glad I got to watch some of it. Saw the bike the OCC made for them. I actually saw that episode!

  240. Karen Cook says:

    What a special morning at Grainger. From our end it looks like there are a bunch of really great folks in the Grainger Corp. Thank you Brian for bringing them in to the Ride family!

  241. Armmie Calairo-Braggs says:

    It was an honor to meet everyone of you. What you are doing is truly wonderful. May God continue to bless you and your family. I pray for traveling mercies as you finish your ride. Please visit us here in Grainger again.

  242. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    I have been checking the live feed ever since ya’ll took off this morning,hoping to catch the visit to Grainger. So glad I did. What a great visit. I could say so much about it. Let it be enough to say the miracle of Grainger needed to meet the miracle of our riders!. Thank you, Grainger for a big welcome for our guys.

  243. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    up and at ’em early. be safe!!!

  244. Pat Carpenter says:

    Tell Larry he needs to get some black boots. The ones he is wearing don’t look quite right with his duster!! LOL

  245. Karen Cook says:

    This mother hen thinks you guys are flying today!! I can’t watch!! 🙂

  246. Yamaharley (Mike Frank) says:

    You guys didn’t stop by Silver Eagle Yamaharley in Waterloo today?!

  247. Darla Siebrecht says:

    Welcome to Iowa!

  248. Roxann Suits says:

    Be safe today, guys! 566 miles……Phew!!

  249. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    long ride today, ya’ll ride safe.

  250. Cathy Stinson says:

    A little out of focus this morning.

  251. Sandra Langford says:

    What a road!!! Anyone with soda’s or beer on board better not open then anytime soon. Also, Karen is such a mother hen—–gotta love her!!

  252. Karen Cook says:

    I was glad to see a gas station and place to eat on Hwy 44 in SD. It didn’t look like you were going to run into civilization there for a while. Thank You White River!

  253. Roxann Suits says:

    Great hospital visit. Ya’ll be safe!

  254. Yamaharley (Mike Frank) says:

    Just watched the hospital visit with Savannah. Now as you all ride away she is waving to Scott saying “hi!” and saying ‘Vroom Vroom Vroom’ at all the bikes. 🙂

  255. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    did Scott tell you guys, this is where he met the spousal abuse woman! ask him that story.

  256. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    on the road again! yay, u stream up and running

  257. Cathy Stinson says:

    I can’t stop watching. You guys are amazing ! Ride Safe !

  258. Roxann Suits says:

    Just finished reading the blogs and as always they are fabulous. If I had to ride in gusts of 50 miles per hour, ya’ll would find me in the next county! 😉

  259. Sandra Langford says:

    Mike H.: Ooops, you are right . It was always who was buying beer that night-not why they were buying the beer.

  260. Mike Hamby says:

    Sandra L. Shhh! We didn’t tell anybody about getting blown over or running out of gas, due to the wind. Lol.

  261. Evan says:

    Hope you guys stay safe! But don’t forget crazy horse!

  262. Kelley says:

    Absolutely love the pictures and video footage. I am definately putting this area on my bucket list to visit !

  263. Yamaharley (Mike Frank) says:

    You guys are in our college stomping grounds! Enjoy Spearfish Canyon and Rapid City! (Minus the wind)

  264. Sandra Langford says:

    Mike H.: Mike L told me this morning they were expecting 60 mph winds today….maybe no one got blown over this year.

  265. Mike Hamby says:

    Darn, missed the guys coming down SD Hwy 85. Hope it wasn’t too windy. That is where we encountered the 70MPH + winds year before last. Its a streach of road just before Belle Fouch, SD. Beautiful country side.

  266. Roxann Suits says:

    You are heading into familiar territory for me. Spearfish, Lead, Sturgis, Belle Fourche, etc., etc. Loved Spearfish Canyon.

  267. Julie says:

    Looks like a great day to be riding. Wish I was there. Ride safe..

  268. Karen Cook says:

    Must be windy!!

  269. EVELYN'S CAFE says:


  270. Karen Cook says:

    Wouldn’t you know it! I have time to kill and the UStream is down. 🙁

  271. Darryl Douglas says:

    Thanks for everything you have done!

  272. Sandra Langford says:

    Yea! The saloon is still open. Great buffalo burgers. I think I had my first one there. Neat town.

  273. Roxann Suits says:

    I can here you, but can’t see you.

  274. Karen Cook says:

    BE SAFE!!

  275. Sandra Langford says:

    Audio wasn’t on, James!

  276. Sandra Langford says:

    Almost got motion sick this morning when you pulled out of the motel drive. Great shot with the camera.

  277. tanya eckel says:

    Go daddy Go!! I love You

  278. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    whoo hoo! look how many hits this site has!

  279. Sandra Langford says:

    Cute. You got to wave at the back of the pack as you went through the round about.

  280. Sandra Langford says:

    Is it the constant video or the numerous police officers on the side of the road today keeping you all in check?? Whichever I am glad you are behaving.. Blue sky and gorgeous scenery-what a wonderful ride you all must be having.

  281. Roxann Suits says:

    What a glorious day! Beautiful scenery.

  282. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    love the shake of the camera when Gary cranks up! Ready to roll. Ride safe!

  283. kelley says:

    Watching the live feed this morning and witnessing what was said at the send off as being true. James Cole looks like he is in tip top shape and looks like he is packed, loaded, and ready to role while everyone else is just surfacing! Show them how it is done James!!!! What a truly great group of guys you all are and again thank you so much for all your efforts in sharing this amazing journey.

  284. Dan Parker and Jennifer says:

    We’re keeping up with you guys! Be safe!!

  285. Mike Cunningham says:

    It’s nice to see you guys riding in short sleeves. Looks like you finally found some riding friendly weather.

  286. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    so awesome to see that little girl. A big hello from Georgia, CMN and Columbus Regional.
    Hope everyone is watching!!!

  287. Mike Hamby says:

    Beautiful California back roads. Ahh. Oh gotta get back to work. Darn!

  288. whitney says:

    YAY for our super secret handshake on camera , kelley doesnt do it as good as you lol miss you!!!!!!!

  289. Karen Cook says:

    Live feed up and a sunny day! Life is Good!

  290. David McNeil says:

    The videos are awesom!!!!

  291. charlie wells says:

    driver error yeee haaa im back on yall b safe

  292. charlie wells says:

    mine says off air

  293. Roxann Suits says:

    Mine is working now! Yay!

  294. Karen Cook says:

    Live feed has been running great here since about 10:00 am this morning. (Thurs)

  295. Julie says:

    So glad Ustream is working today. Praying for sunny skys and a safe ride today.
    Miss you bunches..

  296. Roxann Suits says:

    My feed is still not up.

  297. Karen Cook says:

    Great to have the live feed up today! But I sure was glad to have SPOT yesterday, I even zoomed in to track you guys in to Cedar City with the satellite so I could see the roads. I was finally able to go to sleep when I saw the roof of the hotel. 🙂

  298. Cindy Jolley says:

    Today, I attended the funeral service for Danny Bridges. I think so often of Mike Ambrester, and Danny, both dear friends and passed while you were away on a fund raising journey. I know each are special to you. Remember we all have this moment, nothing more. Use each moment to humbly serve others and pray and seek direction from God. My prayer is that we never forget the laughter of our dear friends and their memories will comfort us. They are missed.

  299. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Cathy, I know how much you miss Rick, especially on your birthday! I know you are proud of him. The guys should have let us all know to watch the feed. We could have sang along! Happy belated birthday. Us ladies r trying to put an evening together. Watch your emails

  300. Roxann Suits says:

    How sweet, Cathy! Sorry I missed it.

  301. Cathy Stinson says:

    Rick is a wonderful husband. Today is my birthday and at 10am our time he told me to watch the live feed. So I did and all the guys sang Happy Birthday to me. Thank you all that made my day!L
    Love Cathy

  302. Julie says:

    Looks really cold. Ride safe guys

  303. Roxann Suits says:

    Is there a problem with the UStream? I keep seeing the same video from yesterday afternoon.

  304. jt says:

    What a place to stop after the others!!! Good place!!! Ya’ll are the BEST!!! Thanks

  305. Julie says:

    I think I saw the pink flag Sunday

  306. Mike Hamby says:

    Great riding weather and good time today. You guys are making it look too easy! Missing not being with you all, but with U Stream its the next best thing. Makes it hard to get any work done. It looked like the Hospital visit was the best yet! Just know we (homebound Miracle Riders), are all riding with you via U Stream. And I can talk on my phone all I want and not get left behind! Lol.

  307. Rick Brown says:

    I’m assuming yall will be visiting the 4 Corners exhibit. If so, beware of nails in the gravel parking area. Several were found around my bike and 5 others I parked next to when I was there back in August last year.

  308. Sandra Langford says:

    REALLY??? A pink “flag” already? Move to the rear, please.

  309. charlie wells says:

    enjoying the vidio

  310. Roxann Suits says:

    What a pretty day!

  311. Karen Cook says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful blue skys!!!!

  312. Jack Owens says:

    At first site … What a bunch of wonderful Guys … but I’m noticing a Trend … in Joplin they were met by Pretty MSSU Athletes and the Gals from Residence Inn …. Now in Amarillo Pretty Nurses … We in the PGR need to re-think our Approach !!!

  313. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    So proud of you guys! Make us proud, doing a super job. Show me the money! It feels so awesome to watch the live hospital visit.

  314. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Loving the u stream. It was so exciting to see younwhile I talked to u last night, Scooter. The kids were excited to hear your voice. We miss you

  315. Yamaharley says:

    I don’t know who gets the bigger kick out of the poppers, the nurses or the kids! Good times.
    Miss you guys. Wish I could be there this year.

  316. Julie says:

    Ride safe. Now go kiss some of those babies this morning. They are what this is all about.
    Love you !!

  317. Goron Duke says:

    looks you bit off more than you could eat buddy, good try though,

  318. Roxann Suits says:

    Good effort, Ronnie! Looks like a fun place.

  319. kelley says:

    That steak may have been $72 -but Ronnie’s efforts are priceless! As are all you guys!

  320. Goron Duke says:

    i hope he can finish this steak before it kills him. but it think the steak is winning.

  321. Gwen says:

    You fellas are riding into a beautiful sunset tonight. I’m glad the weather is finally clearing. All’s well on the homefront. Keep safe. Love that we can ride along!

  322. Julie says:

    I’m really loving this ustream but not so much when it goes off. Hope ya’ll made it in safe.Looks like another behind the one you came thru. Ride safe.

  323. Sandra says:

    ML, did you really break rank???

  324. Roxann Suits says:

    It’s 7:10 on 5/6/13 and it looks like ya’ll are in some nasty weather.

  325. Country's Office crew says:

    Thanks Gary again for all the great footage, Ronnie for all the funny dance moves, and Scott for sharing the M&M’s. I guess eating and driving is ok? You have us all smiling, laughing, and crying with all that you are sharing. Stay safe!

  326. cody jolley says:

    I love the u-stream video. It is not the same as being there but it is nice to be able to see what they see. Now they can not look at there phone at a gas stop and say there missed the call because there were on there bikes. Don’t get in trouble and answer your phones. : )

  327. David McNeil says:

    It’s a good thing I work for myself…. I would get fired for not doing my job and watching y’all every chance I get. This is great!!! still have y’all in my prayers and thoughts.

  328. Sandra says:

    Love when Gary has the live video on you. Feel like you are here and I am in my usual spot, riding behind you. We will have overages this month with Verizon. Sorry but it is hard not to watch just like Karen said.

  329. vernon griggs says:

    Why are yall takeing all these breaks on the road? I remember us just riding all day long I might have know it the trip I don’t make and yall take the easy route! you know I’m just kidding missing yall wish I was there enjoy be safe

  330. Karen Cook says:

    For the Riders, this is the way the live feed plays out on our end. It’s always running maybe on our phone or on the computer for us to walk by at will, then we sense something happening like the stop at the college yesterday, by now we’re riding in a car watching on our phone trying to get to a movie or family’s home gripping the phone and watching ustream like it is a link to life itself. I sat alone in the parking lot at the movie theater yesterday refusing to leave the live stream, crying like a baby, watching the precious moments you so graciously shared knowing no movie could top what I was seeing. Thanks gentlemen!

  331. Pat Carpenter says:

    This is a great addition to the ride. It makes me feel like I am with them.

  332. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Love reading the stuff from people on the road. Keep spreading the word.
    Have a good ride today!

  333. Roxann Suits says:

    Good mornin, Scot!

  334. Leeanna Clark says:

    Thank you for inviting us to join you for dinner here in Joplin Mo… are a great group of guys with an amazing mission….Thank you doesn’t say enough……stay safe….Robyn and Maddox had a great time this evening

  335. Rick Brown says:

    That was cool! I watched most of the day on and off. Did have to take a ride on my Wing for awhile. I’d like to do the “Streaming” on my next big trip if I can figure out how and what I need to do so. I wish I could have done it on my “Alabama to the Arctic Circle” trip in 2005. Web page for that trip is here. 🙂

  336. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    Brad, God bless you and Jan for sharing your story of your beautiful son. He is the reason our guys ride. I am glad I got to share in the prayer for John today. My prayers are with you.

  337. Roxann Suits says:

    Well done at Brad’s son’s field.

  338. Hank Lewis says:

    Watching you in Joplin and remembering how special this stop is to all of the riders. Thank you Brad for sharing with us. It will be something we all will never forget.

  339. Rochelle says:

    I hear the GPS. hope it’s guiding you the right way!
    looks like fun! Be safe!

  340. Roxann Suits says:

    Hi, Larry! Easy to spot the orange bike! 😉

  341. Karen says:

    The guys turn the volume on every now and then when they stop, but yes they control it!

  342. Larry L. says:

    Great video but is there any trick to get the volume ?

  343. Freda says:

    Thanks to Ustream I can watch you ride. Love the scenery. Brian Brock, could you look in the camera and say “Hi Mom?” Blessings on all you riders. Be safe and enjoy! Love you Brian! From one proud Mother in Indiana.

  344. Karen says:

    Rick, the guys keep the route a secret so folks will follow the blog. Call the Columbus Regional Medical Foundation office if you have questions.

  345. Rick Brown says:

    Any chance you can post a map of your proposed route when all retire for the evening?

  346. Rick Brown says:

    I’d love to join you guys. I have done a few insane rides myself such as the 100 CCC Ride (Coast to coast to coast in less then 100 hours) We rode from Jacksonville Fl. to San Diago Ca. and back to Jacksonville Fl. in 97 hours. I have been wanting to do the 48 state ride for a few years. Love the streaming vid. Good luck guys!

  347. Leroy Lynn says:

    Show those you ins how to do it, have a safe day, Leroy

  348. Cherie Bailey says:

    God bless you for what you are doing. See you tomorrow in Joplin!

  349. Larry Lee says:

    Keeping up with you guys from Rome Ga, Ride Safe….

  350. David McNeil says:

    Thinking and praying for all of you and your safe return. What y’all are doing is for such a good cause!!!!

  351. Leroy Lynn says:

    How r the ribs ?

  352. Robert Clark says:

    Be safe dad (Ray). Enjoy the open road. I’m proud of you!!

  353. Karen says:

    Love having sound when you stop!

  354. Rochelle says:

    Loving the live feed. Gotta get off this computer and get something done.

  355. Lashonda says:

    The weather looks MUCH better than here!!! Enjoy that sun fellas!

  356. Mike Hamby says:

    Glad to see you guys are out of the rain. This is so cool! Real Time

  357. Mark says:

    This is awesome!!! Showed it to Kenzi and she looked pointed and babled something. When i get a translation i will let yall know. Gods Speed and be safe.

  358. whitney miles says:

    watching you guys is my new obsession. i have my phone on and laptop, so proud of you guys, and so honored to work for scott love yal. now i gotta go so i can watch yalls eery move hahahahaahahaaha

  359. Sandra says:

    Great idea-modern technology at its best. Thanks for the live feed. Now how many megabites or whatever do we have???

  360. Rochelle says:

    watching you pull out. Looks like sunny skies from what I see. have a safe day! and have fun.

  361. Lashonda says:

    You guys are a blessing to so many tiny people!!!!! Be blessed on your ride and I hope all of you make it back home safe!

  362. tanya eckel says:

    Ray Eckel AKA Dad be safe. I love you. I am so proud of you!!!!

  363. brandon mc says:

    nice shots dad now catch up!!!!

    • Susan Dorough says:

      I’m having some problems watching the videos, but not unusual for us in Fitzgerald with our not so top notch Windstream internet! Will keep trying and hope they will download for me soon! Take care of Mama Julie! We love her so much!
      Susan, Bill and O’Broughty O’Dorough

  364. Joni says:


  365. Julie says:

    Love the u-stream. Ride safe. Love you Babe

  366. Rochelle says:

    don’t have to wonder where you really are. be safe. love you

  367. kelley says:

    Looks like we got to witness the first turn around. This live cam creates a lot of backseat drivers!!!! So so cool!

  368. Lisa Ramsey says:

    I love this camera…I don’t think I’m going to get much done the next 3 weeks because all I want to do is watch UStream. What a GREAT idea and addition to the ride and the website.

  369. Larry L. says:

    What a wonderful thing to be part of the send-off! This u-stream video is the best addition to the website yet. Can’t wait for their return, all be safe.

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