Why I Ride- Scott Ressmeyer

2014 Scott’s Ride Commercial

The Making of the Ride for Miracles Commercial

Like many events surrounding Scott’s Ride for Miracles the making of this year’s commercial took on new meaning when we partnered with Golden’s Foundry.  Our first idea came from the desire to find unique large doors that the riders could ride out of.  This led to travels around town looking at industrial doors.  What we found was the life inside Golden’s Foundry and the wonderful architecture of this building built just after the Civil War. The tough and industrial feel of the Foundry at work drew us to change our direction and with permission of the Boyd family we filmed inside during normal operations.  The next problem was how to complete the story of the Ride, the Foundry and our cause; the children treated at Midtown Medical Center. The antique baby buggy was found online, taken apart and put back together to illustrate the story of these riders working hard to support the life inside this buggy.  Gracie Reign, the infant in the buggy was born at Midtown Medical Center and spent many weeks in our NICU.  At the time the commercial was made she had been home about a month and weighed about 4lbs.

The commercial was complete and we were happy. A lunch was planned at Golden’s Foundry to offer our thanks for the hospitality shown us during filming.  George Boyd, Jr. addressed his employees before lunch and asked them to share with us one of the Foundry’s mottos.  In unison they said, “There’s Life Inside!” and the circle was complete. There is life inside the Foundry and its workers; there is life inside Midtown Medical Center and every Giraffe Omni bed in the NICU and pediatric bed; there is life inside the Ride and each of the men who take part in it. Our sincere appreciation is extended to the owners and employees of Golden’s Foundry and to Gracie Reign and her family for helping is tell this story.

“There’s Life Inside!”

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The Riders Visit Spring Harbor and Uptown Concert Series!

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  1. Emeline says:

    Mary: Thank you for finding me. In so doing, I have found you. Look forward to perusing your blog while I'm escaping the bitter chill here on the "frozen turtoa&qund;!!

  2. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    hate to see that all too familiar ride up the ramp on the tow truck. If you ride a lot your gonna take the ramp ride. Sorry, Gary.
    The videos are great, Gary. Love to see them

  3. Roxann Suits says:

    Awesome first day video, Gary! You are the bomb!

  4. Andy Bourke says:

    Hey guys – after a day in the saddle any sore backsides (or backs, shoulders, etc.)? Even tho Steve is a Newbie, ya gotta love his comfortable GoldWing… and how about that reverse gear! Git er done guys! Love, prayers, safety! andy

  5. Rochelle Ressmeyer says:

    well, I’m hooked up and ready to follow the ride at work. I’ll keep it minimized and hope I can pull it up and down with out Dr. Joe seeing me. Just kidding he knows I have it up. Excited and pumped and ready to start my comments. Hope I am joined on the comments by so many people, that we have to wait to comment. So, join in! The guys really love to see the comments!

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