Day 20-Dave Hinson


Great ride this afternoon when we got out of the rain again. Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow and hope to have a big turnout. Just can’t thank everyone enough. Well off to dinner and sleep so we can see everyone soon.



They’re Not Dirty Hippies-Brian Brock


Too much happening. Meeting Dave Petewitz was a HUGE highlight for me. The weather has been great, the roads dry, the company, exceptional.


Last One-Mike Langford


Forty-eight hours and we will be home. Sitting here in Charleston, WV with a cold drink reflecting on 6 years of Miracle Rides.

This year’s ride has been kinda strange, but that’s another story and I don’t want to write about “a” year. Let’s think about all 6. What stands out? What do you remember most? Where was the best place to go? All very good questions, but there is no one answer.


Day 19 Video


Day 19-Scott Ressmeyer


Getting close to the end. I’m in DC tonight, it’s late and ten of us are just coming in for the night. I’m sure a lot of you will think that we were all out going from one beer stop to the next, not tonight.