Last One-Mike Langford


Forty-eight hours and we will be home. Sitting here in Charleston, WV with a cold drink reflecting on 6 years of Miracle Rides.

This year’s ride has been kinda strange, but that’s another story and I don’t want to write about “a” year. Let’s think about all 6. What stands out? What do you remember most? Where was the best place to go? All very good questions, but there is no one answer.


day 15-Mike Langford


TIRED Longest day so far today. Started with hospital visit where we met some very nice people and an adorable little girl. Then it was 550 miles.

Everyone is tired out, including me. All I want is a bite to eat, a beverage, a shower, and bed. Well, maybe a beverage, a bite to eat, a beverage, a shower, a beverage  and bed. Ok, beverage and I will try to work the other stuff in!

However I do have two quickies for you:

  1. Conversation with Ken at breakfast yesterday-

Ken: I wonder when I OD’ed?


Day 9- Mike Langford


Short one today!

I see several of these guys with flying fingers typing blogs on phones so I will try. With my fat fingers I can already tell it will be a mess.

The past two days have been a trip, literally and figuratively. Maybe tonight I can catch you up on truth of what has happened. It is 6:45 am here and the bed cried when I got up. A little chilly out and we have 470 miles to ride today. Tonight we are in John Day, OR and will meet the ladies who are riding LoLo pass with us.


GOOD NEWS / BAD NEWS-Mike Langford


So today I have good news and bad news. Which would you like first?????  OK, I heard good news.

It was a beautiful day for riding, sunny, almost warm, puffy clouds, beautiful sights to see, great roads, just a wonderful day. Started with breakfast at a mom and pop named Triple R. -Best cheese and sausage omelet I have ever eaten. Then had last pictures taken on corner and took off. Great ride then lunch at a very good restaurant few miles from Grand Canyon. We split up there with some going to the canyon and some going on to motel. Smooth road for 75 miles, greatest scenery you will ever see and just fun riding.


CRS-Mike Langford


Last night at dinner Brad memtioned a problem that we both have and the effect it has on this ride for sure. We both suffer from something called C.R.S., Can’t Remember Stuff. I will steal his thought and write about it.

As we ride down the road we have plenty of time to think about things. Mostly we think about important things like what we had for lunch or what we will eat for supper or maybe if the wife will be ok with a new Harley when we get home. After we cover that other things come to mind. In my mind I have written some of the best blogs you have never read during these periods. I have written some very insightful, meaningful blogs that will make you nod your head, giggle, cry, and say to yourself “that was very insightful and meaningful, he has really hit the nail on the head.