Day 13- Scott Ressmeyer



Day 11- Scott Ressmeyer


The last two day have been some incredible riding. The weather has been just a little on the cool side, but then on the good side, no rain. After riding thru the high desert for most of the day on Sunday, I was looking forward to seeing some trees. There is a place in Northern California that is always breathtaking when you top over the hill and see it for the first time. I was surprised this year when we got there. Goose lake is a large area of land and must collect all of the water from snow melting and runoff from the rain in the mountains that surround the area. Not this year. I could not believe that it was bone dry when we topped the hill. I guess we got to see first hand what the drought that California has been going through.


Day 9- Scott Ressmeyer


Another normal day. 100 miles before lunch then another 370 after lunch. Seems like we all have a hard time getting very far first thing in the morning. It’s not that we are not up early. Most all the guys are having breakfast 3 hours before KSU. I’m sure they are trying to eat as much as they can so they won’t starve while we are on the road. This is the main concern for the guys, just look at us we are all about to waste away. We have had some great days of riding these last few days. The highlight for me was, well all of it.


Day 7-Scott Ressmeyer

Mike Hamby

Sunrise in the canyon. It will be simple today. I hope to read a blog or get a picture from child twenty or so years from now,that was in the hospital while that we were on the road. To have one of the miracle babies sit in this spot and watch the sun come up.  I can not think of a better tribute to the riders then that.


Day 6- Scott Ressmeyer


Yep- in trouble again.

Larry decided to make a stop in four corners. Little did we know that would cause an uprising. Well said our apologies and did the best thing we could do. Get the hell out of there. After we cleaned larry up. I do love riding thru this part of the county. Just the vast openest of this area you can see for miles. After leaving the four corners area I had taste buds set on eating at a little Mexican restaurant but mile had a Suprise for me. A left turn on the HWY that I was not prepared for. A route deviation from the past years. I know he did that just to miss the lunch stop. Looks like chips, jerky for lunch again today.