Sunset – Scott Ressmeyer

Scott's Sunset


The Ride Home Video


Here Comes Another Love Letter-Brian Brock

Brian's favorite pic

Another day, another dollar, after I sang and hollered….that’s pretty much how I spent the last three weeks. How was it the second time? That’s exactly what Scott asked me as we were watching the final video. Not the same. Last year even the bad parts were awesome, everything was new. This year the bad parts were just bad. Twenty-one days is a long time. Could I play Survivor? Thirty-nine days away, no food, no phone call, no email….NO WAY!!! I ate like a Viking every day, called the wife and kids all the time. As I had a chance to reflect over the Memorial Day weekend my respect for our military only increased tenfold. They are away much longer, in much worse locations, and no one was shooting at us. My deepest respect to all who serve, and those that support them here at home.


Bumps in the road just melting away- David McNeil

NICU heart

When we returned home and we were invited to come onto the stage Cason (CJ) greeted me, put this around my neck and said “thank you for riding for me”. This made every bump in the road that beat the heck out of us just melt away.


Last Day- Kevin Simms

Kevin Simms

Its always the last day that I reflect on our trip across America telling folks about our mission and the response we receive from total strangers. This country is so giving. Total strangers donating to a cause they may know nothing about but when you mention the children their hearts go out to them. We see the country, its bright side and and the sad side, but all in all its fantastic. We go on this trip not knowing all of the riders but what we have in common is motorcycles and the children. The children come first in our hearts. To see the response from the community is overwhelming and you can tell from the money collected. Its unbelievable. I want to thank all the staff at the hospital for there support. The stories that will be told from our experience will last a life time.