Final Thoughts (Mike Hamby)

I’ve been home 10 days today, and I’m just starting to “get normal” from the ride and all the flurry of activity from day to day that goes along with the cycle; eat, ride, eat, ride some more, then eat again, then sleep. And some days we cut out some of the eat part. I read Scott’s blog, and really all I have to do is say, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto. But then that wouldn’t be very interesting. And each of us carries his own unique perspective of the ride. Everywhere I go people lavish me and my fellow riders with praises for what we have done, and yes, it is hard to ride the miles and go away for 21 days, but just like Scott pointed out, the real Thank You’s are to all who made this ride possible and to all of the people who contributed and supported us throughout our 21 day journey. The ride wouldn’t have been possible without you. So Thank You!

What drives a man to do such a thing? To ride the Lower 48 is one thing, but to do it in 21 days, having a schedule to keep everyday no matter what the weather or what time you go to bed or wake up the next morning. A man would have to have a real passion for riding and an even deeper passion for the object of the ride. Its the Kids! Nothing more and nothing less. There is an inscription on the wall at the entrance to Children’s Primary in Salt Lake City, it reads “The Child First and Always”. I was so touched by it that I took a picture of it and uploaded it to the blog, some of you may have seen it. That says it all. But even so there are fourteen different statements as to why its about the kids, remember my statement about perspective. Here is mine. God blessed me with four healthy and happy children ranging from 8 to 32, and he has blessed me with three healthy Grands. And I think that it is only fitting to do this thing that is much bigger than self.

Again thanks to all, and I hope to see you all again next year.

Mike Hamby

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